To a friend

For a friend


I don't want to go out

Cause i don't want to fear

You wouldn’t understand what it's about

All the homies drinking beer


Still i don't want to choose a side

I want to be with all brothers

Why can't we abide as one

The only ones to cry are the mothers


 Everyday fathers and sons

Dieing in the street

Bullets dropping from guns

Killing future dreamers and athletes


Everyday brilliant minds go to waste

Being murdered in the street

Being destroyed over race

All with a bit of mistreat




    HI ZHE3 ~ Sadly it happens every day ~ and the only ones who really cry are the Mothers ! In the USA its GUNS & Trump is very very progun ! In the UK its knives ~ because Guns are illegal ! But if I had a TEEN SON he'd be just as dead with a Knife through His Heart as with a Bullet ! It happens because Men are Men and if they are challenged they fight back ! If they have a GUN they shoot ~ If they have a KNIFE they stab. There is also the question of GANGS. Growing up as teen in Liverpool 1997 ~ 2002 I experienced some of this but it is much worse today ! Thanks for sharing & caring ~ Your MPS Friend ~ BRIAN
    Your Poem is very well structured ~
    good Rhythm and Rhyme (xaxa xbxb etc) !

  • Goldfinch60

    So many people being killed for no reason, such a sad world highlighted in your wonderful words.

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