The girl with a whole in her heart


You are trapped inside your own mind

Your sadness and anger has made you blind


You say no one loves you, you say no one cares

Your life is being sucked away with every breath of air


You seek happiness but you just can't find it

You look into your mirror and label yourself worthless


What you seek is love

Something you cant find

What you need is a simple smile

One that will never be unkind


Your life is full of heartache

Your heart full of doubt

You sit in your room and wonder

Will my life ever be more than a pout


You have reached a decision that will change your life

You've reached a decision that will end your fight


This choice is not very wise

You choose not to humor yourself with lies


You slowly stand up to grab your gun

You slowly realize the biggest fight has begun


You tell yourself this is for the best

You will enter your eternal rest


The smile your mom gave you as you turned five

Flashes before your eyes as you are about to die


You think of your brother

You think of your father

But you still know for a fact

No one will break through your cold armor


A tear falls to your face as you reach for that trigger

You wish to yourself that your heart could be bigger

You pull the trigger on that gun

Your life is finally done


You were trapped inside your mind

Your sadness and anger made you blind


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