dominique ruth

I was born wrong

I was born wrong,
I could not eat food well,
My mum and dad,
God bless there soul,
They went to the doctors,
An the Doctor,
didn’t think,
there was a problem,
I was born wrong,
I have a learning difficulty,
So therefore I am classed,
as disabled but mentally,
An so my mum and dad,
God bless there souls,
Try to stick up for me In schools,
But they refused to listen,
I was born wrong,
When I was 14,
I was diagnosed,

With a heart problem,

An my mum and dad,

God bless there souls,
Take me to the hospital,
Even to this day,
I was born wrong,
But so what if,
Am small,
and I need glasses to see,

                               So what if,
                    I carnt really be academically,
                             So what if,
             I have a strong reflux system in me,
                                So what if,
               I have a Enlarge whole in my heart,
                       I wasn’t born wrong,
                       I was born to be a star,
                      An hopefully I will be one day,
                              You will see,
                       With my mum and dad,
                        Right beside me




  • Michael Edwards

    It's those who fail you who were born wrong - not you. My guess is you're a strong young lady and my wishes go out to you.i

    • dominique ruth

      Thank you, and I don’t think majority of people are born wrong but those who lead us to war and never peace, so thank you.

    • FineB

      Thank you Dominique.

      A lovely poem it is indeed the things in ourselves that are so different that will define us and mark our presence in the world!

      Keep writing FineB.

      • dominique ruth

        Thank you so much for taking your time to read my personal poem, it’s a honour that you have read it and thank you for understanding it as well.
        So I will now read your poems as thank you for taking your time to read mine. Thank you so much😃

      • Suresh

        You are already a STAR, by accepting your physical condition, and challenging to STAND OUT.

        Well written.

        • dominique ruth

          Thank you so much for your support and also thank for giving time to read my personal poem an as a thank you I will read your poems now so thank you once again 😃

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks for sharing RUTH ! In my view we are all born RIGHT but DIFFERENT ! This also seems to be your conclusion. What we are is GOD's Gift to US ~ what we make of ourselves is our Gift back to GOD ! I was Governor in a Comprehensive School and each year we took in a few Downs Syndrome Pupils into Year 7. they needed some 1:1 Supervision ~ BUT ~ they were so happy & communicative they gave far more to the School than we gave them ! Everybody loved them ! We all have SPECIFIC NEEDS ~ those less able and the very gifted. SO be yourself and YOU will succeed !
          Yours through Poetry
          BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡

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