Moving on

Some people’s dads give them affections mine gives me tears,

Some people’s dads give them hope mine gives me worry,

Some people’s dads give them opportunities mine gives me disappointment,

And some people’s dads give them luck mine gives me scilence,

But in the end it’s all okay, 

Because in the end we grow up and realise,

Someone else’s love is never more important than the love you give yourself.


  • Goldfinch60

    Moving on in life is what we all do, may the direction you take be filled with joy and love.
    Welcome to MPS.


    WELCOME DECEF : Angela here ! Thanks for your first Poem : well penned but a sad Lament. My DAD is Spanish and as I have two Brothers He treats me like a Princess ! I was raised in the UK (London) becaus he is a Wine Merchant based in the UK ! Im 30 and plan to marry my Fiancee : BRIAN at Easter 2020 ; Im presently in New Zealand on a Work Exchange (Physiotherapy) My Parents were not too sad when I left because I was already sharing a flat with another Lady. I found your Poem really SAD because MY DAD is just the opposite giving me 24/7 Affection : Hope : Opportunity & Luck ! I love the positivity in your last line ! I am a Tutor in Physiotherapy Practice and it is a very HANDS-ON profession ! I tell my students that to be an effective Practicioner you must have SELF-RESPECT and you must LOVE YOURSELF for who you are : Power of Positive Thinking is important in all spheres of life. Especially in NEW ZEALAND I have to stand on my own two feet without my Family and my Fiancee : but with Gods help (Im a Catholic) I have gained the respect of My Colleagues - My Students & My Clients : AMEN
    Thinking of you : please check our site
    Yours through Poetry : ANGELA
    You will find this a very empathetic site !

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