The spider web

The spider web

The world Is a giant spider web

the spiders are the ordinary people who think they are better than everyone

the flys are the special people

the people who are different

the flys get caught in the web

and the spiders eat them

before they have a chance to make a difference in the world

im what they call a fly

and soon I will be eaten by the spiders                                                                                              


  • Nicholas Browning

    I personally think that everyone is deemed to fail at some point. The others may kick you down and laugh at you while you try your best, but then you succeed anyway and they then realize how stupid they are. Nice message. Welcome to the site, we hope to see you around!

    • Liisung


    • Goldfinch60

      Good write and fine message Liisung.
      Welcome to MPS.

      • Liisung


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