The hate Today I Must Keep Locked Away

Dear dad


I watched them lower your coffin today.

Oh what a great display of grieve I see before my eyes from family members that I do not regonise.

I play my part, eldest daughter and daddys lil sweerheart

Must look smart, must look sad lets pretend daddy wasn't bad.


Lets defend a man thats only plan was to drink himself to death.

Lets shelf all that hate

Lets not concentrate on his rotten soul

Lets pretend life with him did not make a hateful whole.


6ft  down your body goes

Theres a happiness within me that nobody knows.

A life with you I would never of chose.


So the  fake story goes


He was such a great man

I just don't understand

How this was gods plan

I will miss him every day

(Empty words that i must say)

The duteful loving daughter I must play.


The hate today I must keep locked away.


  • Goldfinch60

    Powerful write Angela, i hope that you can move forward in peace and love.

    • Angela1711

      Thank you. I never really thought his death affectted me but I keep going back to writing about it strange.

    • Nicholas Browning

      So many people hating their fathers today. Well, men aren't always role models of excellence. Best of luck in your endeavor to mask your hatred.

      • Angela1711

        Yes unfortunately we all can't have that idolized father figure to look up to which is sad but thats life. Thank you. X

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