They don't know her like I do


I fell in love with the best friend I've ever had
I didnt just give her my heart
I had to go and give her all of me
I held nothing back
And in return
I got a one night stand
And now
I'll have to watch her give her all
To another man
A man who doesn't know
What her favorite color is
Or her favorite song
Doesn't know how she likes to be held
Or how she likes to be kissed
Who wont keep her secrets
A man she will one day marry
And she'll never realize how fake he is
Until one day he's not there
And she's left all alone
Broken in the gutter
Just so I can tell her everything will be ok
And watch he make the same mistakes all over again
Because they don't know her like I do

  • Author: Sora (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 22nd, 2019 04:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: at least writing this helped me stop crying
  • Category: Sad
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  • SorrowfullyHappy

    I feel so empty

  • Nicholas Browning

    If she really was a one night stand, and has no intention of giving to you what you gave to her, then to hell with it. Some women get off thinking that they can use you and do whatever they want. I've been on the end of that a few times. I'm going to give you a solid piece of advice: Stay away from her. She obviously doesn't care about you in a good way. That's only assuming that she totally disregards your feelings.
    Have you talked to her? I'm sure you have.
    Best regards, Kaneki.

    • SorrowfullyHappy

      She knows how I feel and this wasn't the first time its happened from what I can tell she doesn't even know what she wants

      • Nicholas Browning

        Yeah, that's the worst man. Seriously, its not fun. I really hope she comes around, or owns up to her nature and to what shes done to you, and makes things better by doing so.
        Have you told her how you feel?

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      • Sunshinefalling

        Nice poem. Pain to beauty

      • Goldfinch60

        Good emotive write.

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