Another Weekender Bender

I haven’t wrote in a while

But lately I’m finding it hard to smile 

I cannot sleep

Or feel too deep

So I await the weekend

So I can go on a bend-

er. A vodka shot, probably four

Who am I kidding? It’ll be more

Another goddamn line 

As an attempt to feel fine

This isn’t me 

Who I’m becoming lately 

It’s just a desperate way

At the end of the day 

To numb my heart and my mind

From this hurt I try to hide

My friends don’t know

They’re not the reason I go

The intoxication 

Is my current fascination 

I’m replacing you 

With that.



  • Nicholas Browning

    Well, the narrator seems to know why he's doing it, and if he prefers that to feeling okay and facing his issues head on then let him.
    Best regards.

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