Fractured Dreams


Entombed within my own fear built from the stones you threw at me. The embodiment of immorality looms outside my door, its heavy tones murmur through my walls with each vulgar breath it takes. Echoes of a past stifle the air I breathe, poisoning my lungs like a venomous seed. 

A chasm forms beside my aching bones, giving birth to an ever expanding abyss which pulls me in like a seductive lover, kissing my depleted soul, enticing me to the darkness.  In a desperate attempt to release myself I sink my nails into the putrescent earth where my frail body lays spent

Embers burn from what was once hopes raging fire, now a glint of light in an endless void of lost dreams and bitter sweet memories.

Ashes fall like snow, drifting gently through the cold dank air, landing to form a soft grey blanket on my bare emaciated body.  

My fears go amiss
As I give myself up
and surrender to the abyss


  • sylviasearcher

    This is truly an amazing write, such pain, yearning and heartache.

    I could feel the release of emotion as I read this powerful write

    • Fractured Dreams

      Thanks ever so much for reading it. I was pretty nervous to share it. But you just made my day. Thanks for the fave too, so grateful

      • sylviasearcher

        It was a more than worthy first posting!

      • Poetic Dan

        Wow, a great mix of dark and light. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and vibes. Look forward to more, not forgetting to welcome you to the tribe!

        • Fractured Dreams

          Thank you kindly for your warm welcome which is greatly recieved. Yes life is a balance of dark and light. Helps keep us human. Many thanks for your lovely comment and for the fave. It is very much appreciated

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Welcome FRIEND : ANGELA here : Thanks for your first poem. It is elegantly penned but with a very sober subject : FEAR ! Your FEAR is well expressed in a series of alliterative statements commencing with the letter "E" which adds FLOW & POTENCY to the Subject : FEAR !

          Entombed within my own fear
          Embodiment of immorality : looms outside my door
          Each vulgar breath it takes
          Echoes of a past : stifle the air
          Ever expanding abyss ....................
          Enticing me in the darkness
          Earth where my frail body lays spent
          Embers burn from what was once : hopes raging fire
          Endless void of lost dreams
          Emaciated body
          (Entering) the abyss !

          There is much more to this poem than meets the eye ! Thanks for sharing !
          Yours ANGELA ! Love the visual !
          Please check our site : Thanks !

          • Fractured Dreams

            Thank you ANGELA for that remarkable comment. It pleases me greatly and I appreciate you taking the time to read my work. I will gladly pop over and read your page.

            Many thanks

          • Nicholas Browning

            The final stanza is killer.
            Nice read.

            • Fractured Dreams

              Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment on my work. I am very grateful

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