I never thought that my life would be like this, always so close to the edge.

I thought if I played by the rules and paid my taxes, things would be ok.

But the rules are broken, and the taxes go nowhere; I hide every

bill, stretch every pound, lie awake in fear every night.

I want to rage, to riot, to break those who made the

broken rules, but I know if I do I will fall.

Every day the cliff crumbles, and every

day the open air looks




  • sylviasearcher

    I’ll jump if you will?

  • dusk arising

    Beautifully expressed the lust for freedom from this ludicrous society and existence into which we are born and paddle through holding onto hopes and dreams ever thwarted by reality we despise.
    Beautiful writing and goes to my favourites.

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, society is taking us to the edge of that cliff, if those in charge cared they would care for the people who put them in power.

  • MendedFences27

    It is a dangerous edge upon which an artist such as yourself must walk. A struggle between love of the arts and the reality of life, hoping for recognition, while trying to survive. I love the construct of your poem (like a cliff) . The closing lines are a bit frightening.
    Everything you said is true, we all know it, yet naught gets done to fix it. keep strong - Phil A.

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