Fay Slimm.

I AM BREEZE - (A Series)



I am Breeze
a shuffler of leaves, ringleader of April's known bluff,
the rough dis-abler of faith in blue-noon days,
that rakish bounder who favours change.

I dance over wave-tops to make cotton wool mountains
of foaming white froth,
and who for a joke likes to scuttle moored boats while
seizing chances to make disarray.


I, Breeze
scatter clouds over dawn's vain attempt to unclad the sun
and call in a workmate
named Gale to better break tall wooden masts.


I fan fires in chimney stacks,
blow smoke over freshly pegged clothes and as tops' dizzy
insides whizz in a frenzy I laugh.

I never stop thinking up schemes to disturb, for people
leave houses when I am around as shutters start
banging, windows may crack and leaning walls
begin to be scarily creaky.

I am Breeze
who whistles through windows, stirs up roosting rooks
and fetches a buddy called Storm to rock roofs.

Shovellers of seas into frenzy, we three together, Storm
Gale and me tumble to knees tough men
in rough weather suddenly caught.

Like hounds from hell our pleasure grows with blowing
down trees then whipping the hands
of those willing to clear roads and begin rebuilding. 

High cliffs of uncertainty cannot resist our crafty nature
and crash with gasps of rumbling
granite when we in trio vote to ask Thunder
to join in our antics.

It is I begins the triangle of gross misbehaviour, clipping
hopes of more windless existence for those
living near coastal waters.

Make no mistake, lay down a flower or veg-bed too early
and I the ring leader will take action.
I am restlessly eager to blister or drown before leaflets 
can grow and fight back.

I, Breeze,
frown heavily on forecasts of weather so beware, I will
ever succeed in clashing with sun
while making unwary Spring my gullible prisoner
now April's begun




  • orchidee

    And I am liking this fine poem Fay!

    • Fay Slimm.

      So pleased you are liking it Orchy - thank you for your welcome visit.

    • Neville

      These words leave this reader breathless.. crammed full of appropriate blustery observations and then some..
      Yes, and as part of a now eagerly awaited series, shall I imagine spill across April and be responsible for creating an abundance of smiles... Neville

      • Fay Slimm.

        OOoooh - lots to live up too then Nev. - - my wit does not rise but to occasional tries - - glad you enjoyed the blow of precarious April though - - big hug of thanks - from Fay x

        • Neville

          No pressure... I did enjoy & a x blown in your direction..

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        • dusk arising

          I know you .. you are the one who stole my hat, you made me cry as a six year old stealing my kite and casting it into the boiling sea. I'm not sure but i think you ganged up with the electric storm and had my fences down last year too.

          On the other hand.. You kept my flag flying and give 'change' a healthy ride.

          All in all, having you around is a breeze in itself.

          Really enjoyable fun read from you today.

          • Fay Slimm.

            You grace me with your poetic accusations after reading how teasingly effective my nature can be but never forget D.A. I the precocious can change hats very fast so watch them flimsy flags my literary friend. - - Ha - - - - So glad you enjoyed the read.

          • Joker Wood

            Somehow, the poem reminds me of a poem created by a poet in a video game I played before. It was a beautiful poem about time and skies.

            • Fay Slimm.

              Thanks for your welcome visit Jo. and comment and glad you enjoyed the read

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Good Evening FAY : Its 8am Tuesday in NZ ! As BREEZE you seem to be in a very mischievious mood which I like ! Yoou have morphed into a Naughty Schoolgirl. Thirteen negative appelations onlucky for those in its Path.
              Shuffling Leaves : Scuttling Boats ; Scattering Clouds
              Smokey Fumes : Shutters Banging : Scary Creakings
              Stirring Rooks : Storming Roofs : Stripping Trees
              Storming Cliffs : Savaging Power Boats : Sun Superceded
              Spring Surrended ! There is a lot of intentional alliteration here !
              The "S" sound mimics the soughing of the BREEZE !

              You set the Poetic Bar very high FAY enabling us to learn & enjoy but never to emulate !
              Blessings and LOVE in the SPIRIT
              Your Good Friend ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡
              Please check our FUSION on COLOURS : Thanks A & B !

              • Fay Slimm.

                Humble thanks by the bundle for this wonderfully worded comment on my personification of Breeze - - you analyse phrases and highlight the usage of verb and adverb with such fervour. Yes I must have morphed into the core of Breeze for I swept all before me as I penned my way mischieviously through. So pleased you enjoyed the blustery ride.

              • Goldfinch60

                Beautiful words once again Fay.

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