Sweeping Views,intense blue skies,

Just a hint of feathered cloud,

Brilliant sunshine blazing heat,

The hills are crystal clear,

I wander,withdrawn lost in thought,

I see the birds,I hear them sing,

And feel the world smiles down on me,

Cos love is in my heart,


Heaven knows you are the girl,

Constant I have a yearning for,

You're not with me,yet you are here,

Enchantress,seductress both,

So I will pick my secrets up,

And take a path no man has trod,

Journey far beyond Earth's clouds and skies,

Ne'er to be heard again.





  • Suresh

    So many of us, such secrets we hold
    So important that the other be told
    Learn we must, their true reaction
    Even at the cost of mere rejection
    Alas the truth will free you
    Weather they will or not be with you
    Before you journey to any place
    Life's precious, to live in grace


    Thanks MOORDY for an intriguing Poem with just a hint of Deja Vu ! Before I met ANGELA I was 32 and Single ~ BUT ~ I had a feeling a certain someone (I had been searching for for half my life ~ 16 years !) was on the HORIZON and then I met ANGELA (27) ! Now we are engaged to be married and the past is HISTORY ! Thanks for caring !
    Blessings & Peace
    Yours BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡

  • Goldfinch60

    That girl is waiting for you as you travel through the glory of Nature's realm.

    • moordykspot2

      I fear not my friend Nature is a wonderful thing but Love does not always run smoothly. Thanks for your comment

    • moordykspot2

      thank you for your response SURESH I appreciated your thoughts Thank you

    • moordykspot2

      Than you for your comments So glad life seems to be going well for you both Enjoy

    • Neville

      secrets eh' who'd have em.... say it like it is, why dont'cha.. this is undoubtedly a love poem....... Neville

      • moordykspot2

        Yep I write a few Thank you for your comment my friend

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