Poetic Dan

I asked!

Asking a while ago
To the spirits cards
My forfinya brought!


Help me understand my past, present and future
Cutting and shuffling, splitting at three different heights


The Swan told me I had been down low, seen the depths at very young age but would find grace to still float above.


Next the Eagle said the days of splashing about are over, at this moment in time you're learning not to get sucked back under.


Finally the Dragonfly showed me that all colours will be seen through my sight. I'll flicker easily between both dark and light!


Last week I asked one more!
Should I keep on writing and rhyming, what's the score?


Pulling the Turkey & Turtle together they said


"Give with gratitude & grace"
"Slow & steady wins the race"


Unbelievably I laughed
So here's one more






  • Laura🌻


    This is a great write complemented by your awesome author comment! You’re spot on with...OUR BELIEFS ARE OUR OWN...and that is the truth!

    I especially favor...

    ‘Give with gratitude &Grace’
    ‘Slow & steady wins the race’

    Have a wonderful evening!


    • Poetic Dan

      Thank you, yes I still don't know but in the last few years my beliefs are going their own way with lifes experiences.
      Hope you have a wonderful evening too

      Always appreciated

    • Joker Wood

      A card reading?
      You did by yourself...for yourself?
      Do you do for others?

      I found the word 'laughed'!

      Blessings and Laughter to you!

      • Poetic Dan

        Yes in times of trouble I like to get new prospective, I have never been asked to do anything like that. As a behaviourist most people give me a look as if "do you really"

        It's funny when I wrote laughter I thought of you!

        Thank you for the inspiration you give
        Much peace and respect

        • Joker Wood

          It's funny, but...it means a lot to me.

        • dusk arising

          I am a sceptic.
          Kudos will retain my faith.
          Too many charlatans in the 'spirit' world which of course ruins it for those individuals who are genuinely gifted

          Why dont clairvoyants have illegitimate kids?
          Cos they've got crystal balls and can see whats coming.

          • Poetic Dan

            Ha ha! Brilliant my friend, I was with you, I mean I thought I was a front runner for knowing the psychological thought and reason in different beliefs but life is showing me much more.

            Thank you as always for your truth
            Very much needed
            With peace and respect

          • Fay Slimm.

            Yep - - keep slow and steady and give when you can - - a great race to win is this wonderful journey through life Dan. Blessings and peace to you my friend.

            • Poetic Dan

              Yes the turtle sounds like the vibe I feel from you, remembering to enjoy the sea and just relax

              Thank you so much
              With peace and love

            • Suresh

              Seek knowledge from whomever and wherever you can
              But acceptance be through thorough understanding

              Lovely concept

              • Poetic Dan

                As Bruce Lee said

                Absorb what is useful, disregard what is not! But add essentially what is your own!

                Always appreciate your point of view
                With respect it is an honour to know you!

              • Goldfinch60

                Slow and steady is the way to go, if you rush you miss so many wonders in life.

                • Poetic Dan

                  I used to but now I see I should go like a snail!
                  Enjoying my own shell 😉

                • orchidee

                  Well, if you think the cards help...... I steer clear of anything spooky or 'dark' fortune telling, etc, and more sinister things.

                  • Poetic Dan

                    Well we all see what we see and find help anyway we can.
                    Always appreciated
                    Much peace and respect

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