Harry's Field.


Don't get to come here often,

To sit in peace outside the stable,

Where I listen to the birds sing,

Watch them play in trees and hedgerows,

Two robins are gambolling,

They flutter round the horse's gambrel,

Hop from molehill to grassy mound,

Land with grace on Harry's back,

He is oblivious to their presence,

Whilst he quietly grazes,

In a complete safe green environment,

All here is untroubled,


This part of life is vital,

And keeps this world a special place,

It is possible to gain retreat,

From the "civilised human rat race",

Standards here are a throwback,

To revered long bygone days,

Where there is time and space for everything,

All participants are welcome,

There is nothing in the way,

Animals teach us such a great deal,

Blase blind acceptance and trust,

I love it here amongst them.






















  • Fay Slimm.

    A compelling read of countryside contact and Harry will always be there in his place when memory takes you back again dear poet-friend and your words describe the lessons such animals teach those who listen.......... so pleased I caught this read.

    • moordykspot2

      You Enjoying the read is such a great bonus to this simple Man Fay. Thankyou for taking the time out to comment.

    • Goldfinch60

      Horse have the ability to bring peace to our world, as do many animals.
      Harry will obviously never be forgotten in your life as he gambols through your dreams.

      • moordykspot2

        When you talk about great animal Loving trustworthy traits My friend you are talking my language. What a fine example they set. Thank you for your comment .

      • Suresh

        The bond one creates with the animals is great.

        While they serve your needs
        You serve them indeed

        • moordykspot2

          You know Suresh the thing you get from Animals is Love and trust. Can't be beat. Thank you for your commeny my friend

        • Neville

          Everyone needs such a tranquil, memory filled retreat within which to relax, enjoy and recuperate .... Harry & his field sound as though they went hand in hand...... Neville

          • moordykspot2

            Many happy hours spent in that field Neville We don't have any horses now a massive hole we have not yet filled. Thank you for commenting I appreciate you taking the time

            • Neville

              my very sincere pleasure, Neville

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