Concerto of Dreams


Concerto of Dreams


Forbidden sweetheart voyage with me,

Beam transilient through inter planetary space,

We will journey to Saturn's erotic moon,

Far beyond Earth's blue skies and seas,

Companion nightingales sing their love songs,

I gaze into your smouldering hazel green eyes,

Unseen phantom pianists play,

A Concerto of Dreams just for us,


Cocooned in a warm purple oasis of calm,

I kiss you as I have long wanted to,

As our tongues entwine my consciousness  drifts,

Spirals ecstatic out of control.

Hands wander feverishly touching removing,

It is happening too fast,I can't slow things down,

Potential glimpsed of my place in your heaven,

Exposed now for our eyes only,


The atmosphere fresh,pure like Earth's early spring,

Our smiles reflect joy,happiness,exaltation,

Fearless we stroke caress intimately,

Here we are intrusion risk free,

My body tingles, tenses as never before,

All expectations eclipsed on this our moon,

Tears freely she of orgasmic joy,

As we love with consummate ease.




  • Goldfinch60

    May your concerto of dreams become reality. Very good write Moordy.

    • moordykspot2

      Thankyou my friend travelling via my poetry albeit fantasy of actual plays a large part in my writing. I love the peace and contentment it brings Thankyou

    • Fay Slimm.

      Such an intimate picture of tender togetherness on that erotic moon that I felt I was there hearing phantom pianists playing this beautiful concerto of dreams. An amazing read and thank you for sharing.

      • moordykspot2

        thank you for taking the time out to comment my friend Knowing the standard of your work and the pleasure it gives I take your words as a real bonus.

      • dusk arising

        Well i hope your wife is over the moon with that!
        Great creative stuff (Worcestershire's got talent - that's 3 oldies in the county writing on here now).

        • moordykspot2

          I have a lovely Wife my friend coming up 45 years now so It may last, but a chap can still dream. I love writing and If I can provide pleasure to any other then I am happy with a bonus. Thank you for taking the time to comment I appreciate it.

        • Suresh

          Keep imagining for it is the bases for future adventures

          • moordykspot2

            My imagination Sometimes works well my friend I cannot write prolific But I love what I do and your comments are very much appreciated. Thank you

          • Suresh

            Keep imagining for it is the bases for future adventures

          • Neville

            what an absolute delight sir.. and thanks for the ride.... All Good Things, Neville

          • moordykspot2

            thank you Neville for taking the time out to comment. I don't know what you are on but I want some.

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