Weighty worries? 😋

Those endless wishes of
giving the fat a trim
Beauty is now the
monopoly of the slim!

Sinuous and slender
The hourglass figure
The thinner, the better.

Dieting and slimming
down tricks
of course selling like hot

Tis a pity, she can't eat to
her heart's content and
for rounded figures they
no longer admire.

But as long as
scrumptious samosas
keep frying in pans
and delicious pizzas
keep baking in 'em' ovens
it'd be hard to keep the
damned calorie count
or to live in fear of the
expanding waistline

Ah those mouth-
watering deep-fried
are entirely to blame for
my yo-yo dieting!

Gosh to cut down on
cheese and butter slab
is one tough way to get
rid of body flab.

This war against weight
is weighing upon her
instead of being simply
plump and straight
We gotta maintain teen
contours and curves we

You do know this is a
war you've got to be
It's those extra pounds
and not the war you
have to be losing.
Or the other skinny
lasses will be smirking,

Ah but all young ladies
must as well beware
Dragoness Anorexia's
engulfing lair
or how her crony Bulimia
too can ensnare!

So pals better be about ill-
health more cautious 
rather than being overly
so weight-conscious. :)

you can be loved despite your chubby weight

I've seen many curvy plus size women

who are admired and adored by their soulmate


  • MSA-19

    beauty can come in all shapes & sizes. this is a great poem. i'm sure anyone, especially a female, could take something from it.

  • Tia Davis/テイア

    I completely agree I try my best to give my friends this message next time I'll just show them this instead

  • MendedFences27

    The war rages on, with beauty as the lure, and social acceptance as the weapon. If we all could just be ourselves and not try to be someone else's image of beauty. Far better to be beautiful on the inside than outside. Skinny or plump, tall or short, bald or long-haired, etc., those who measure by such things are the problem of this world.
    Your poem struck a chord with me. I enjoyed it immensely. A very nice write, very thought provoking. _ Phil A.

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

      Thanks so much for such an interesting great comment. Actually in many eastern races curvy and rounded women are admired as more beautiful than the skinny. Africans take it even further and like only plump women. One African girl got real mad at me and wanted to beat me up coz I said she was thin and slim!!
      Really a woman's worth should come by her brains in all races and her gentle heart, it really saddens me to watch anorexic bulimic girls from other races.

    • BDJ

      Physical beauty is cultural. Although there are some objective measures based on evolutionary imperatives. But who knows. Next year, the science may be different. Even science has cognitive biases.

    • Goldfinch60

      Beauty should always be seen within the eyes of the person, external looks are quite meaningless if the person inside is not beautiful, everyone is beautiful.

    • Maxine Smith

      This hits close to home, I’m always feeling the pressure to fit in or look better, years of self esteem issues truly wear and tear your heart.
      Really well written.
      Hope you can check my ‘perceptions’ out, kind of similar concepts in their.

      • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

        I'm so glad it hits home, it hits home for many ESP in the Western world. Many Eastern men don't mind chubby women, and some even prefer them. And there are Indian ladies who admire rounded women and wish to gain like them.

        A woman should be happy whatever shape and size though I like to feel fit via exercise and am scared of eating fatty foods for the diseases they bring on.
        So take care! 🌷

      • Joe Dawson

        Oh dear, if only we could all be TV, fashion mag', catwalk perfect, all of the same height, weight, slim waist, perfect bust, best bottom on the block ... but wait, aren't we all in our own way beautiful? I've always believed in being yourself and therefore different and in my opinion it is the simple act of being different that makes all the difference. Humankind is naturally beautiful and we are all drawn to the sexiness of shape whatever the magazines like to suggest. Be yourself and be different and love will come often perhaps more than once. Big is beautiful, small is petite and all shapes in between have an equal worth. Rejoice in your shape and succeed in all you do. Joe

        • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

          Yeah I like my shape but I wish others in other foreign culture who have to gout unveiled like themselves and not depend on how their men see them to love themselves. In our culture the shapes that are body shamed in other culture for being curvaceous are in high demand, yet once they get westernised they get affected and overly body conscious as well , so I was trying to inspire liking yourself no matter what.
          How you describe the different shapes and sizes and how each is worthy and good in its own right , is how every man should make women feel for that is the correct good way. In our cultures the whiteness of skin is more valued than shape by the way. Thanks so much for your fine thoughts on this.

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