The Forest Shrine

If my body were a temple,

You would be the God

To whom it was devoted.

But temples can be demolished,

Invaders can desecrate the shrine;

It can be ravaged by fire, torn down,

Or weathered and broken by time.


I think instead, my body is a forest,

When destroyed, burnt or broken

It will flourish once more.

And you would be the wild Horned God

Who lingering, presides there;

Under shady boughs of rhododendrons

With hawthorn leaves within your hair.


  • Neville

    and who could not resist clandestine visits to such a special place..... I prefer forests too.... and also have a thing about hawthorn..... Neville

  • moordykspot2

    An enjoyable Piece Giving different thought processes throughout. Ah the Hawthorn I hope not the wild sort it rips you to shreds. Thank you

  • Goldfinch60

    Forests are so special, they will always be with us as your words will be.

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