of elspenore

dusk arising

they wrote of the times afore
where dragons were no myth
slain by the gods of elspenore
who'd crossed the bolde abyss

and now it came, a time their words
could find nomore to tell
for out the verse of other world
crawled creatures spawned of hell


  • orchidee

    Well I dunno if the last line applies - if it's true - but I searched elspenore and ended up in Helsinki somehow!

    • dusk arising

      Elspenore is a place about 60mm behind my right eyebrow, pure fiction. Thanks for reading me today and beware the creatures..... for they are real.

      • orchidee

        Ah that reminds me. A guy was having me on. I asked him 'Which bus goes to Elspinore? He said 'The No.7'. I replied 'You sure it's not the No.11?' heehee.

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      • Fay Slimm.

        Wow - this reads like the start of a marvelous saga D.A. - makes me want to know more about the gods of elspenore and those other-worldly crittas.

        • dusk arising

          Well in truth it is the beginning of a fantasy tale i began yesterday and failed to complete but i wanted to publish something today so slipped this in to test the water...... maybe more to come.

        • Neville

          Oh' how I do hanker for those days of yore, when a spell was a spell and not the curse it has today become..... a great write sir and no messin.... but wordly true..... Neville

          • dusk arising

            Then tarry a spell in lands afar and bring back a devils claw. A hero's welcome awaits ye sire, with ya tales to tell i'm sure.
            Thanks for your kind words.

            • Neville

              forsooth and true too and verily so......

            • Suresh

              There are millions of fire breathing, flying dragons in our midst even today, they are cloaked in suits and ties and military uniforms, holding detonators (electronic gadgets) in their hands.
              Those spawned of hell only returned to a place called home, which we know as Earth.

              • dusk arising

                Yes indeed. Little did i know when contriving these first verses of the elspenore fantasy that it would trigger comparison with some of todays heros/villans. Or maybe, subconsciously, they were my motivation.
                'Of elspenore' will be continued.

              • Jenny Wren

                Love it. Thank you. X

                • dusk arising

                  In the weeks ahead i hope i can add more verses.... i am getting some interesting comments which may well influence how things progress.
                  Thank you for your kind words.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Those creatures from hell are all around us and in various disguises, at least you could recognise a dragon and so be able to slay it, not nowadays.

                  • dusk arising

                    Low look here Sir Prance-a-lot.... i think you've been doing quite a bit of heroic dragon slaying yourself lately. More power to your elbow i say.
                    My mythical gods in this fable will not have their stories manipulated by man to gain power over a flock of brainwashed individuals who attend rituals for appearances sake however.

                    • Goldfinch60

                      "who attend rituals for appearances sake however." - Such true words d a.

                    • FineB

                      Hello Dusk Arising,

                      A wonderful write that for me conjure up thoughts of knights and dragons and Camelot.

                      Keep writing Fine B

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