From A Distance (Variable


From A Distance. (Variable)


The Dawn


Early Summer,still to ripen fields,

Differing shades,contrasts of colour,

Well trodden footpaths flanked by heathers,

Lead to far off unrestrained hills,

Steeped in natures mysteries,

Discerning observant eyes seek out,

Within the depths of close packed woodland,

Near invisible camouflaged wildlife,

Foraging in blissful peace,

The silence of the new dawn sunrise,

Broken gently by the wild bird chorus,


The Dusk


Blue black hue as twilight falls,

Clouds assume ingenious patterns,

The human eye and brain combines,

Outline shapes unseen by others,

Beyond the clouds,light years away,

Stars from other galaxies,

Radiate kaleidoscope intensity,

Whilst our Earth's own majestic Moon,

Casts shafts of light 'midst dancing shadows,

Silhouetting the fox,badger and night owl,

In pursuance of nocturnal quests,


The Dream


Unfettered no time constraint exists,

The fertile mind can wander thus,

See fragile strengths of heavenly concepts,

A cultured voice whispers ever so softly,

Calls me out into unexplored space,

Where entrancing:the Goddess of Fantasy,

Provides sensuous peace in imaginary touch,

Such haunting ecstasy,transparent in mind,

Ah the beauty of celestial passions,

Fires emotions within my consciousness,

To fulfil: from a variable distance.






  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write Moordy, nature in all its guises is wonderful. Have a great holiday, take your pen and notebook.


    Thanks MOORDY for sharing a BEAUTIFUL Trilogy with us : to meditate on while youre away ! Beauty is always in the MIND & MEMORY of the beholder. Enjoy your HOLIDAY and gleen much to share with us in your excellent ODES when you return : AMEN
    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours as always ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Neville

    An excellent trilogy, you just earned that break, enjoy.... Neville

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