Jennie Devallon


It isn't the title,

It is the hustle

It isn't a competition,

It is a mission


Motherhood isn't only about carrying a child and giving birth

It is, to some people, a never ending journey

That starts with sexual intercourse,

Followed by pregnancy, birth, growth, and so on.......


To others, it is a painful quest 

That begins with one or multiple miscarriages 

or even sterility itself,

pursued by depression and sadness, 

and compensated with adoption  or surrogacy.


Each Journey starts and ends differently.

Each mother's coping mechanism varies.

It is a long journey, filled with memories and trials,

it is a complicated path, 

but the end makes it all worth it.


Motherhood isn't about being a perfect mother,

it is about being your best at raising your child,

making sure that he/she doesn't become a shame to society.

Jennie Devallon


  • Goldfinch60

    I am sure your child will be brought up in love and joy into a wonderful life in the future. Congratulations.

    • Jennie Devallon

      Thank you very much. Sorry for the long wait to reply, I had stopped using the site for a while. I appreciate your support 🙏

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