My heart's population

It's been a few minutes and it hurts

But it will hurt the worst when I wake up tomorrow and remember

And no excuse can affect the mental weight that's been added

My feeling are getting hard to hide

I'm living behind a mask

I threw it away on my out

I moved away from someone I thought I'd be able to love

But when they have a mask of their own when I'm not around

And I'm blissfully unaware

Emotions are building like a tsunami and it's crashed down

Buildings ruined and only a few hearts are still beating

And a week from now will I be cleaning the mess

Or will I still be laying on the broken scraps

Smoking out what ifs

Recreating the feeling of a hand in mine

How many mornings before I fully remember that I don't have to force a smile

When will I stop blaming myself

For having emotions and not having a broken heart out of sympathy?


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