Why am I just letting happiness slip in between

my fingers

I'm only too much these days

I want to enjoy the time I have

When I'm enjoying life

But I'm pulling myself out of it

Just because it doesn't feel right

I want to leave my body and explain face to face

That as long as I'm responsible

Why can't I have fun

Look at yourself

You are present

There's no longer that film in your eyes

That covered the amazing views hidden everywhere

I used to laugh at myself in the mirror

Now I stare

Sometimes I cry as well

My past is blending with my present

The things I say and do

Remind me of the last time I did these things

I'm in a good place

To have these emotions

I beg myself

"Use your words."





  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Thank you lonelyraccon for “using your words” to write such a beautiful and moving piece. I am privileged to come across the rare piece where one writes from the lovely interior most place of their heart. What can one do with such pain? The deep stabbing pain of depression? Rejection? Isolation? I know of only one remedy: Write and share. Your pain is my pain and trust me, I wont let it go to waste. Solidarity dear one with the One whom suffered like no other.

    • lonelyraccoon

      Thank you so much for this comment!

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