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A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry - Magic

A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry




Love is something I will never have.

It is impossible for somebody to truly love me.

Love is a word I tell myself to stop me being forever sad.

In love with me is only ever a theory.



(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.



  • Fay Slimm.

    One of a series I hope my friend - love is to some never attainable and the final phrase in this four-line lament is too sad for words having brought me near tears. Admirable l poetry magic.

    • Aa Harvey

      It's a collection of poems I wrote a long time ago and hopefully someday in the future I will add to it. Just look for "A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry" in my poems to see the rest of the collection. I think there are about 10 of them so far.

    • FineB

      Hello Aa Harvey,

      Love is beautful, Love is grand, love is divine.

      A super write and magical.

      Keep writing

      • Aa Harvey

        Thank you.

        I am still writing 'Love is...' poetry and hopefully one day I will write it when I am in love and not just from memory.

        Peace, love and empathy.

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