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  • Aa Harvey

    I'm back to post a few poems when I get the chance, but comments may take a while to reply to as my life is very busy at the moment, but I will be here when I can.

    • Aa Harvey

      30 Humble B. Bumble poems written now. I think it will be a 50 poem book.

      I have the beginning of the story, the end of the story and most of the middle part. I just need some more poems to link the poems together to form a harmonious complete series of poems (there are parts of the story I have mentioned in other poems, but I haven't told those parts of the story yet)

      I will then need to organize the poems to make sure they are all in the correct series order and can be read perfectly together and then the book will be complete and I will be done.

      I have not worked enough on it in the last few days, so I will go back to being a busy bee...

      Peace, love and empathy.

      • Aa Harvey

        I am taking a break for a few days. I need to work on my Humble B. Bumble poems.

        I have to upload them in chronological order and they haven't been written yet in chronological order, so I will be back as soon as I have what I think is enough poetry to last the many days it will take me to upload the poetry from the story that I have at that point and also gives me enough time to write the future 'Bee' poetry without you having to wait for the next chapter of the story.

        There is no point in commenting on my 'Bee' poetry at the moment, because when I have the story in chronological order, I will delete all the 'Bee' poetry and upload the entire story in chronological order from the beginning of the story, so please be patient.

        (If you don't like the 'Bee' poetry I write, then I apologize, but I write the poetry that I like to write and I like writing the story of Humble B. Bumble at the moment. One day I will either finish the story or decide to write something else, but today I am writing a story about a bee.

        See you soon.
        Peace, love and empathy.

        • Aa Harvey

          When I add "quotation marks" on the comments I reply to, it is because the words in the "quotation marks" are the words of a song writer or poet and they can say what I mean to say in my replies better than I can.

          Sometimes it is a direct reply to your comment, sometimes it is a quote about the poem to explain the poem, or sometimes it is just a quote the poem made me remember or a song I found I liked that goes well with the poem.

          I do all this to try to give you an interesting reply and sometimes to try to explain my interpretation of the poetry I have written.

          Peace, love and empathy.

          • Aa Harvey

            At the start of each month, I will be creating the next part of my fusion poem The Endless Poem. If you would like to add a verse to this fusion poem, then I would really appreciate that. The deadline for each part of the Endless poem will be 15 days after I have created each part of The Endless Poem.

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