Ink Splattered Skies

I gaze upon an ink splattered sky. A lone black bird gifts me with a sunset melody. Sitting here trying to figure out where I went wrong ,feelings of sadness and sorrow over shadowing a happy song.

I walk through the trees,as they whisper sweet nothings , rustling of leaves ,making shadow dances on the mossy woodland floor. I wonder alone, Why am I here?In a life of heartbreak loneliness and fear!

Its dark now, I gaze to the skies Clear as the artic ice, on the bluest of days. Cold air breeze blows gently through my hair, as I count the stars ,twinkling brightly up there. Its amazing to think we are looking up at the past, I step evermore forward, I feel a icy blast .

This is where it ends, that neverending pain, at peace with nature,never to be seen again. As I fade away to black, into the frozen lake, I hear the calling of a owl, a majestic creature of the night , hunting in the bright moonlight.

Good bye world. I've lost my fight, under ink splattered clouds ,with the black birds song, don't be sad about me leaving, it's a blessing to me. At peace with the stars ,I'm happy now as can be .




    WELCOME STEPH : ANGELA (31) here : I share this site with BRIAN (My Fiancee ~ 35) and I love the melancholy Picture and Goth Piano : both haunting. Your poem is well presented in Structure & Subject but the substance of your Message is so so sad for ONE so YOUNG ! Youre only half way through your life (Im only 1/3rd through Mine !) I have experienced Pain like you describe (til I met Brian a couple of years ago !) failed & failing relationships can be a big strain and are quite depressing : I am OK now ! Your wiil find MPS a very empathetic site: hope you get some positive replys ! The site works by reading & commenting on other peoples Poetry & Prose : you can also build up a Circle of Responsive Friends ~ OK

    Blessings & Peace : thinking of YOU
    Yours ANGELA ๐Ÿงก
    Please check our SITE ~ BRIAN is in UK

    • StephD

      Thank you so much ๐Ÿ–ค

    • Goldfinch60

      Such a good write Steph. Walking with nature is wonderful and nature's symphony can pull you out of the dark into the light, listen to that blackbird song so full of beauty and wonder.
      Welcome to MPS.

      • StephD

        Thank you for your lovely words ๐Ÿ–ค

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