Poetic Dan

Little lights blessing

This love may of only been for a minute


But its never lost within your spirit.


I send this message out to the sea, using all you gave to me.


Knowing this moment was more precious than me, words fail to convey...


When you have to say good bye to your baby


Within all our tears there is a cheers, without their guidance


Who would ever know how beautiful one moment is


R.i.p Finley Oak(with all others)


  • orchidee

    I can only imagine the pain of it all. A sensitive write Dan.

    • Poetic Dan

      There was and still is tears falling, thank you, a feeling no one should have to face.

      Bit gutted my picture won't load up!

    • dusk arising

      Life is cruel and death is a thief when arriving out of time.
      Grief is a powerful emotion which must out. No words ever compensate and i will not try.
      In sympathy.

      • Poetic Dan

        Thank you my friend, your sentiment is well received. Beautiful words she will appreciate as do I.

      • Fay Slimm.

        A grief shared is somehow not halved but helped for those having to live with its power. Heartfelt sympathy to all who will feel such a loss.

        • Poetic Dan

          Yes it is hard to believe it helps but surely that's how we find and give compassion.

          Forever inspirational!
          Thank you
          Today has been a bit unbelievable, look forward to finding the words to share.
          (pause on time would help)

        • Suresh

          We suffer the pain of those we loose, for we are emotional beings after all, and in that spirit I add my sympathy along with others.

          Maybe another day I'll share my feelings on death itself

          • Poetic Dan

            Life is definitely a bed of roses with thorns attached.

            Your vibes are always well received my friend, and would love to absorb those feelings on death. Its a cycle that we can still shut down from wanting to understand.

            Ps heads up if you do as I'm struggling to find time to fit everything in at the mo.

            • Suresh

              I have concluded that re-incarnation is the only answer to ""HOW DO WE ACCOUNT FOR OUR DEEDS". As such, present existence is the cause of previous life.

              In a twisted way, therefore the shorter this life span, the sooner we have repaid the deeds of the past, and spared the torture of going through long existence again.


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            • E-Poems

              This is beautifully written. Sending love~ E

              • Poetic Dan

                Thanks it is very well received.

                Always appreciated
                Much peace and love
                I hope your heart is well ;)

              • Goldfinch60

                Such a sad occasion, the grief you feel is understandable. Losing somebody before their time is so hard.
                Thinking of you.

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