Tides in my mind

My depression is like an ocean, the tides crashing back and forth in my mind. I dont have control over it, my body are both confined. 

I can almost see it disappearing and then it comes crashing back. Its like my mind and the ocean have a continuous plan of attack.

The tide always comes in quicker than it goes, it lingers.. i get feelings i thought were gone, bad memories of old triggers.

The one thing i learnt whilst swimming in the ocean, is to never go near the dark patches. Because once you touch the darkness it latches.

The ocean is a rough place, escaping from the water surrounding you is never as easy as you think. Fighting the tide gets tiring, just keep a float and don't let yourself sink. 



  • Goldfinch60

    Good emotive write, I do hope that one day you will be able to find the bright calm water within your ocean.

  • dusk arising

    If you are wary of the water, stay on the beach. There's a whole lot of stuff goes down on the beach..... and u can get an ice cream if u get bored.

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