A Single Breath

A Single Breath


Without any doubt at all

He said

There is another world

Out there

A world of wonder wind

And wild

So then without a single


She stole from him a

Gasp and sigh

Then kissed them back

To him

Before she smiled 

And waved

Then bid a fond goodbye




  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    Yes life and sometimes the best bits are fleeting...
    Great piece again N

    • Neville

      thanks Andrew... N

    • Fay Slimm.

      The way to an amicable ending is found in this expressively tender verse - - fondness never begrudges the sight and experience of another world....... good read, nicely put and thank you Nev.

      • Neville

        Why thank you Fay.. thank you very much indeed... N

      • orchidee

        Goodbye then! lol. A fine write N.

        • Neville

          Hello and thank you.... Neville

          • orchidee

            Can you help N? I tried taking just a single breath for 24 hours one day. Why didn't I feel well after it? lol.

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          • dusk arising

            Something mesmerising about a single breast, ... the i realised you had written 'single breath'.

            Most definitely theres this other world and its full of the ones that got away...... pretty people but rotters every one of 'em.

            • Neville

              thank you for realising, in every respect.... respect... N

            • Suresh

              In imagination, there is another world
              What is aloof here, is abundant there

              Thnx for the gasps and sighs

              • Neville

                my very sincere pleasure and thank you for checking in and checking out these words of mine... Neville

              • SerenWise

                This is very lovely 🙂

                • Neville

                  you are very kind... 🙂

                • seeker123

                  wow a beautiful message so fleeting yet it seems to last forever...

                  • Neville

                    How very bloomin kind of you seeker123.. many thank you's my friend.... Neville

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Those fleeting moments can be so special in both love and despair.

                    • Neville

                      you are so absolutely right my friend.... thank you GF60.... Neville

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