If i could stay

dusk arising


If i could stay,
you would find me
in the dew
upon buds in April,
upon the raindrops of life
on springtimes showers.
Inside the gold
of leaf fall autumn,
and leaping from shadows
to greet the dawn
and gaze skyward
ever skyward.
Find me spellbound before
stormy crashing breakers.
Running with infants
joining in their joyous games.
There upon the smiles
of young loves lips
and inside the eyes
of old contentment.
Along each highway of adventure
towing a trailer of goodwill.
At rest between the amber flakes
of rust upon yesterdays autos.
And in the eye, your eye
which sees the love
in this beautiful world. 


  • kevin browne

    I'm very thankful that you ain't going anywhere and this poem, my gosh is so beautiful and a magic thrust was put upon my a magic carpet for me to ride over your skies of this beautiful world. Totally awesome piece of writing. Can't wait for your next one to lavish upon the taste of your skilled writing. Perfect!!!

    • dusk arising

      Wow! Thank you so much Kevin.

    • orchidee

      Yep, you staying then?!

      • dusk arising

        Yup. See u at the bus stop.

      • Andrew Charles Forrest

        It's an inspired piece indeed DA

      • SerenWise

        Very beautiful write, conjures up lovely images

      • Suresh

        Dreams can take you anywhere
        So, go ahead and travel to this place the words sketched.

        Very enjoyable piece

        • dusk arising

          I guess in appreciating the beauty within those things, i have indeed visited, and hope again to repeat those visits many times..... and there's more!

        • Neville

          this is indeed a beautiful poem sir.. and for what its worth, I'm glad you aint going anywhere in a hurry........ Neville

          • dusk arising

            I do get around a bit (damn car is ill at the moment tho) and find much to enjoy wherever it be. Thanks for your appreciation of this piece Neville.

            • Neville

              pleasure mate

            • Michael Edwards

              Some inspiration - a great write DA

            • Fay Slimm.

              A piece to put aside and come back to read when the need rises - your expressions flow with inspiration and leave such a feeling of oneness with all kinds of nature - - an exceptionally good finalé too -- eyes that see love find a beautiful world - Saved this little treasure.

              • dusk arising

                I kind of knew a poet with your affinity with the nature of things would feel this one and it pleases me to see you have. A little treasure eh? Thank you so very much Fay.

              • Poetic Dan

                I've not read the comments yet but I know there be great as my friend you run through my mind on so many days and now you have made sure, there you shall always remain.

                I am truly blessed to have connected with a soul like yours. Thank you again for sharing this as its the one that is now going to send me back to a needed sleep.

                I hope this all was written well!

              • dusk arising

                Well bless you Dan. I'm pleased that my words have meant stuff for you. I know that you too will be passing on worthwhile nuggets to people as and when. We are not special people. We are just caring people who have come through a few things we might call set backs (or were they tests given to us to prove our mettel in this one earthly existence... hmmm there i go .. i'm thinking about reincarnation in those words). Whichever it is, it's good to be positive and encourage positiveness in others.

              • L. B. Mek

                wow, damn what a FIND!
                thank you for not posting in a while, truly: or else I wouldn't have come looking and missed-out on one of the best write's I have ever read

                • dusk arising

                  That is high praise indeed sir and i thank you very much indeed. I think any of us with a few years under our belt could write this poem. I'm pleased to have found the words though. I have my ups and downs,i think i wrote this one on a good day.
                  Thank you again.

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