Andrew Charles Forrest

Less a Peach... more Apricot

Less a Peach... more Apricot


I have no will to write today

The muse had upped and gone away

I guess I have not a thing to say

I have no will to write today


So it must be the embers of my drole

That forces ink to part my soul

Or is it that I must cajole

The worthless embers of my drole


What is it I should do, I wonder

To chase away this empty? Plunder-

-books or stories  of the, Under-

-world to make me ponder


Get out! Get out! I hear you say

Leave he desk when you feel this way

Dine out for lunch on lifes buffet

Go meet someone, be not passé


So it seems that I am forced to jot

Whether the muse is here or not

My writing tree though once loquat

Much less a peach... more apricot


  • orchidee

    And so another fine poem! Erm, are you 'getting out more' as they say?! heehee.

    • Andrew Charles Forrest

      Yes I got out but it rained
      So I'm back wetter and better for it
      I feel a poem about rain coming on

    • FineB

      Hello Andrew,

      A wonderful write and perspective on Writer's Block.

      Hope your thoughts will flow again resembling ripe full peaches.

      Keep writing

    • Neville

      I have a lot of days like this.. more a pair of parsnips than a bowl of cherries..... there's a lot of it about.... Neville

      • Andrew Charles Forrest

        LOL Thanks Neville
        I love a good parsnip

        • Neville

          I prefer turnips.. specially at the bottom of me kecks..... N

        • SerenWise

          A perfect expression of that feeling we all get from time to time, sometimes a lack of inspiration can be the inspiration itself!

        • Suresh

          Writers block, me think she visited me, for I can't put two fruits together either today. No peaches, apricots, no parsnips, cherries, or turnips either, and neither wetter or better.
          Now what was I going to say - AHHH WELLL!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Andrew Charles Forrest

            Suresh your stress with your prowess
            will soon be gone it won't take long

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Surprisingly ANDREW your muselessness has resuited in a POEM of fine STRUCTURE ~ Five balanced Quatrains with a consistent Rhyme Pattern aaaa bbbb etc ! BUT alas the SUBJECT is lacking ! A lament on the missing muse as one would lament a Lost Love ! HOWEVER what it lacks in SUBSTANCE is more than compensated by STRUCTRE ~ so all in all an interesting and amusing POME ! However as a culinary expert (Lecturer in Food Science) I must take umbrage at the denigration of my Friend APRICOT ! If one plucks them from the TREE for instant consumtion Al fresco ~ The Peach might just have a slight edge ! BUT I (BRIAN) have had occassion in this last week to cook two *One Pot Casseroles* the first based on LAMB and the second CHICKEN. In addition to (different) appropriate vegetables etc I included DRIED APRICOTS in both Dishes to be served with boiled & buttered whole baby new potatoes (think about it). My guests (Foodies) on both occasions said how beautifully the APRICOT had ameliorated the organoleptic quality of the dish. Had I used PEACH it would have disintergrated and dissapeared witout trace ~ I rest my case !

            Blessing & Peace & Muse Restoration
            Yours as always ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

            • Andrew Charles Forrest

              Many thanks Brian for the in depth analysis... I bow to your culinary expertise and take on-board totally your comments concerning the cooked state of bot APRICOTS and PEACHES I had hoped the link to the LOQUAT made it clear that I had intended consumption to be considered as fresh from the tree... I shall try to be more specific when my muse returns and I am back on par... LOL

              No really thanks for reading and commenting
              Have a great evening

            • Fay Slimm.

              Andrew - no need at all to be sorry for this well-written lament on the absence of Muse - -- applause for a write that rhymes so eloquently despite the so -called writers block. Looking forward to your poem on rain........

            • Goldfinch60

              For a museless day Andrew your words fell onto the page quite easily by the look of it.

              • Andrew Charles Forrest

                No no no
                That took me 5 minutes to write that LOL
                Half a da that's why i had to get out
                Thank Andy (Great Name)
                Hope you had a good week walking?

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