Andrew Charles Forrest

When good men do nothing

When good men do nothing


When you look in the eyes of an empty soul

And the eyes looking back look through you

Like there’s nothing you can offer that they can hold

It does something damaging to you


So you listen to a story that rips out your heart

Of suffering so bad you can’t share

Everyone that they trusted tore their whole world apart

Now they just think that nobody cares


And evidence says that their probably right

But they’re really no different to me though

They just slipped through the cracks in the cold of the night

Left to face alone, their Borodino


We spend billions on railways to speed-up the trips

Of our poor stressed out business commuters

While these people are dying and we don’t give a ****

What price lives over ******* computers


* Please add your own expletives (Mine were bad)


  • Neville

    having worked within the diverse field of mental health I was very much involved in harm reduction .. I always found that members of the general public often struggled to understand the positive risk taking that this almost always involved.... Good on ya Andrew.... Neville

  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    You're right Neville... they also forget that "There but for the grace of God, go I"
    Thanks for looking in
    Have a great weekend

  • orchidee

    A fine write Andrew. The listening can be the thing - 'being there'. You did something good!
    If it wasn't so serious a theme - Meanwhile - you done any work in harm reduction to stop me singing? That's terribly harmful - to anyone! (lol).

    • Andrew Charles Forrest

      Well I didn't want to say, but I saw your case file coming up...
      That's why I had to call it a day Orchi
      The crying was toooooo much


      Thanks for Sharing and Caring Andrew ~ A very deep & meaningful Poem & Subject. Because of our Day Jobs (Physio and FE / HE Lecturer) and Church Work ANGELA & I are Qualified Councellors. Some of Her Clients and My Sudents are damaged People and need a lot of TLC and Understanding to restore them Physically Socially & Mentally. Accidents (Angelas field) can be very traumatic and my Work with Access Students (Adult Returners) requires a lot of ~ Listening ~ Patience ~ Experience & Understanding. Angela & I thank GOD we are wise enough (A Gift of the Holy Spirit) and qualified & experienced enough and Spiritual enough to be PARACLETES ~ Ones who are called alongside to help ~ AMEN.

      Blessings & Peace in ALL YOU DO
      Your Friends ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • Goldfinch60

      A sad poem as so many people do not listen, they may hear but they will never understand, the one at I can always do is listen. I have helped so many sort themselves out just by listening.

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