If These Were The World's Convictions

This is written for the world,
certainly not as a must,
but a reccomendation.
- I will try to write this only once.
- I do not like people who hate.
- I do not like those who discriminate.
- I am against the act of sin.
- I believe only the Holy Bible determines what sin is.
- I do not like people who like people because they are a certain type of people.
- I do not like hypocrites.
- I do not like those with hidden agendas.
- I do not like those who are biased in love.
- I do not like those who are biased in hate.
- I do not like those who lie.
- The truth always manifests itself into the light.
- I do not like cheaters.
- Cheaters never do prosper.
- I believe in being kind.
- I believe in loving your neighbor.
- I know that fighting is sometimes necessary.
- I know that there is a time and a place for everything.
... including fighting.
- I am not against war only if it is a short means to a proper and sensible end.
- I believe in being diplomatic.
- I do not believe in being for two sides at once.
- Yes, this is all true,
and these are great reccomendations.
It is not easy,
to change the way we think,
but it is easier,
to change our behavior.
What if everyone thought like this?
Oh the controversy,
that would surround it.
Even I, the one who is writing,
knows this looks better on paper.
I cannot see it,
playing out so well,
in real life though.

These are the NINE FRIUT (It is a Package
Deal) of the Spirit received by Every
CHRISTIAN at their Conversion. These
Counteract the Works of the Flesh
and enable US to live Holy Lives
In a WORLD dominated by SATAN !

We are all free to follow
our own beliefs
but not to impose them
on those who do not
subscribe to our views
no matter how wrong
we think they are.
With humanist values
or theism teachings
it falls upon us
to lead ethical lives
and aspire to the greater good

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