dusk arising

beautiful pastime

slowly, oh so slowly,
as if stroking the warm night air
which clothes her nakedness
his fingertips,
barely touching
trace her soft curves
tell of the tenderness
full in his heart
for the gift of her love,

relaxed, content,
oiled, perfumed
gossamer caresses
trace unhurried journeys
of discovered pleasure
over tingling flesh
bringing shudders
sudden quiet gasps
breaths held
uncontrolled panting
then thrashing
grasping his hand to stillness

the longed for look
of her eyes
a time of pleasure
and for no return
no lustful gratification goal in mind
other than to feel
her pleasure....
to please her
this way
pleasure itself
needing her to know him
for his delight
in simply worshipping
her beauty


  • Fay Slimm.

    Finding pleasure in physical union could not be penned better my friend. - a sigh of a read with a delight of a title too.

    • dusk arising

      Not a lot of choices when it comes to more enjoyable

    • Neville

      I will not be the only one I'm sure that is glad you had a pen to hand when you thought of these words... a delight to read my friend...... Neville

      • dusk arising

        Yep, sad to think it was only my pen close to hand. A 'hands on' report may not have been such a steady read though.

        • Neville

          Ha.... I bet...

        • Suresh

          A truly erotic moment is how to pleasure another, and now all one has to do is follow the words you have so lustfully penned

          • dusk arising

            LOL an instruction manual eh?

          • Goldfinch60

            Beautiful sensuous words Neville.

            • dusk arising

              Yes ... thanks Neville (give goldfinch a nudge).

            • dls2012

              Wow, now that’s some deep feeling there! Yes, I’m glad you write only when you are inspired. It’s worth the wait. Beautiful!

              • dusk arising

                This is me recounting a beautiful time in my life. I have done similar - rarely sexual - so that, in my dotage, i may read these pieces and be taken back to the feelings of the day. As i was taken back when i wrote them.

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