Fay Slimm





Try my artful seduction and feel replete.

I treat with lushness.

My skill overflows.

Tokens of passion are naught but deceit.

          I induce muchness.              

My bought ardour shows.


Romantic potions raise no great desire.

I apply moreness.

My wine maketh man.

Sip my abundance that sets blood afire.   

Taste craft that's flawless.    

Then escape if you can.


  • Neville

    ah' the lure and the grip of a satin boa....... intoxicating.. in a fun kinda way..... delicious & then some.... Neville

  • orchidee

    Oohh a fine write Fay.

  • Suresh

    Once in her folds
    No escaping her hold

    Great imagery

  • dusk arising

    No escape desired or planned.... drown me.

  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    ESCAPE!!! are you mad???
    Wonderful write AGAIN! Fay
    Love the SSSsssaucey SSsssnake!


    GOOD EVENING FAY : ANGELA HERE ! Its nearly NOON (Saturday) Ive just had BRUNCH and getting ready for a SAIL 16C = 61F not bad for two weeks into WINTER ! Love the sub-tropical CLIMATE here ! Brian left this one for me to reply to : He loved it ! In esence I agree with You FAY : It is the Ladies who are the SEDUCERS and the MEN who are SEDUCED ! Females were created with many more *Tokens of Passion* to offer than mere MEN ! The WINE of our Passion is RED : like VINTAGE RIOJA : and it does both MAKE & BREAK MAN ! One taste at the Fountain of our LOVE and they are Slaves to our PASSION for EVER & A DAY : AMEN ! Thanks for sharing : I love SEXTETS with an abcabc Rhyme Pattern : flowing !

    Blessings & Peace & Love
    Yours as always ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Goldfinch60

    Trapped again Fay!

  • Joe Dawson

    Hi Fay, Time has not dulled the sentiment nor the lust for a little something after eight. Joe

  • Maxine Smith

    Oooooh I love this seductive write, very hot and steamy.
    I’m sure you have everyone lingering on after with those seductive words ...

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