dusk arising

make believe its your first time



evening flames
into a flikker
of dreams
and time
plays it's games
with our pasts
a nightingale
floats on the breeze
over first timers
love scenes


  • kevin browne

    I think we all remember being first timers I'm sure. What a high note to hit here and can't wait to read others comments. Great stuff, Dusk,

    • dusk arising

      Magic times. Compounded by the meeting of a 'someone special' in later years when we are more experienced and want the first time to be a lasting special thing in our lives.

    • Neville

      what a wonderful way to while away an evening.. or any time of day for that matter... a deep sigh and whispers perfect....because it very nearly is... N

      • dusk arising

        Second, third, fourth, nineteenth or whatever...... someone special becomes deserving of a memorable 'first time' for the future is magically an unknown positive adventure awaiting the presence of two new lovers.

      • Suresh

        Daydreaming intentionally takes one to a happier venue, when dreaming is left to chance -
        a scene to remember

        • dusk arising

          No daydream here my friend. Here are two people who want their first time together to be a special time, as memorable and probably a lot more enjoyable than their actual first time.

        • dls2012

          Beautiful poem. Love the easy rhythm and the feelings you express. You are obviously not a novice poet yourself!

          • dusk arising

            I began writing in my 30's. little survives from then. The bug really arrived when i was encouraged by a good friend a couple of years back. Thank you for your kind comment.

          • Goldfinch60

            Those first times were so special in our lives and they will never be forgotten.

            • dusk arising

              Yes indeed...... i think i should have written this with more care. The intention was to convey how older lovers, with new partners, who they have deep feelings for, can make believe it's their first time because... well, .. because the feeling of love is so special and there is a desire to let ones partner know just how special it is.

            • Neville

              a return visit from me to this page and these words... because You & they each deserve it..... Neville

              • dusk arising

                Thanks for a second visit Neville. I have just written a response to Goldfinch above. I'd ask you to read that because i think my intent can be misunderstood with this piece.

                • Neville

                  my pleasure and consider it done....

                • Fay Slimm.

                  Later first-timers have every right to feel as they did long before........ a great tribute to those who find love in the autumn of life.

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