WHEN I WAS YOUNG ~ I stayed in Wales with My Aunty

She had a wonderful GARDEN for me to play in ......

And a Big Green Door ~ which was set in a ...... 

High Wall too tall to climb ~ Door had no handle !

What*s behind the Door ~ I asked ~ can I open it ?

*NO  NO* My Aunty said ~ Always keep away  from the Green Door !


Being a BOY I was determined to go through the Door

So one day ~ when Aunty was out shopping

I pushed it hard and it swung OPEN ! It was Paradise !

I could hear music like Peruvian Pan Pipes which were popular

The Door closed behind me ~ I was in the Enchanted Garden

There were Angels & Blossoms & Butterflies ~ Paths & Steps !


I didn*t have a Video Camera but it all videoed into my Brain

Press the button and you will what I saw in 1993 !

Along the Paths were Roses of every Hue and the Steps .....

Led into even more Gardens  ~ some natural ~ some pristine

Flowers of every description ~ and PICNIC TABLES for Lunch !

There were more Marble Statues of Lovely Ladies ~ WOW !


There were flowers of every variety ~ I loved the Hollyhocks .....

And Old Stone Buildings like Port Mierion all deserted !

Lots of Doors & Gates and Pillared Colonnades ~ like in Greece

And Avenues of Pergolas covered in Ramblin' Roses

The Garden went on for ever and ever and ever !

BUT I had too retrace my steps to the Green Door again !


There was a Handle on the Garden Side so I pulled it OPEN ......

And slipped through !  As I walked towards the House ~ Aunty arrived

I daren*t tell her I had been through the Green Door and ......

And into the Secret Garden ~ so I told her Id been playing on the Swing !

Strangely ~ when I went back in 1994 the Green Door was bricked up

That was 25 years ago ~ BUT I will never forget it ~ I WAS THERE !


Comments please ~ Have you had a similar experience ? Love Brian XOX   



  • orchidee

    A good write B&A. I'm gonna be horribly negative - 'When one door shuts, another one slams in your face!' Doh! I not quite got the idea of this. lol.


      WELL UNCLE STEVE ~ In my experience all doors have two sides an INSIDE & an OUTSIDE ! Being an optimist I like to be on the inside ! I dont think AUNTY had ever been through that Green Door but to her it spelt STOP not GO ~ KEEP OUT & DONT ENTER ! I guess If Id gotten eaten by a Welsh Snake my Aunty would have been roasted on Spit by my MUM (She is My mothers Sister !) However I did go through the Door and Ive been through many more Doors since ! Mainly with a POSITIVE VIBE ! Ive never had a door slammed in my face but I have been (gently) shown the DOOR many times !

      Blessings to YOU & the PUP
      Love in the SPIRIT ~ BRIAN & ANGELA XOX

    • Fay Slimm.

      What better than a secret garden to a young boy and your words describe the mystery and thrills so well behind that green door - - only in dreams do I go through a doorway into a garden - thanks many times dear duo for this exciting verse and lovely video .

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Thanks FAY pleased you enjoyed my PRESENTATION ! I am by nature an inquisitive person so a CLOSED DOOR is never a Challenge but an Opportunity. Because our S panish is colloquial ~ in Spain ~ Angela & I would walk into a private Garden Music Recital and we are always welcomed ! We enjoy the Hospitlity and often end up doing an impromptu session on Keyboard & Guitar ! Its the same in Mexico & S America !
        Closed Doors we go through in our DREAMS is another subject all together and we dont want FIDO barking do we ! ~ AMEN !

        Blessings & Peace & Love
        Brian & Angela ~ XOXOX

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Buenas Dias : Oso Grande : A me gusta esta poema fantastica ! What a lovely experience ! We are PEAS out of one pod and always going through : Puertas Nuevas especialmente quando dicen PRIVATO o CERRADO ! Por Nos todos puertos son ABIERTO : AMEN ! Nos habemos muchos Jardines Privatos y d'Amor !

        Muchos Abrazos y Besos y Todo de Mi Amor

      • Suresh

        It immediately reminds me of a book and movie,, SECRET GARDEN, which is one of my favorites.
        As a child I used to always escape into our vegetable garden, and build paper boats and float them in the channels to water the field.
        AHHH!!! those days.
        Thnx, I did enjoy reading your poem

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        THANKS SURESH : We too love SECRET GARDEN and saw a presentation of the Play last time we were in FLORIDA very moving ! For CHILDREN even a medium GARDEN is an exciting Playground ! When ANGELA & I buy a HOUSE a big garden is a must ! I love growing Fruit & Veggies and ANGELA loves cooking & eating them ! In Essex lots of older folks (75+) are downsizing to BUNGALOWS or retirement Homes so there are lots of houses on the Market (GB£300,000 +) with well kept gardens & veggie Plots. I also have an Allotment at work for teaching HORTICULTURE ~ AMEN

        Blessings & Love & Peace
        Yours as always ANGELA & BRIAN XOXOX

      • Goldfinch60

        Any door before you should be open as you will be surprised, as you were, at what wonders there are behind each door.

      • ForeverJesus6

        This was a very nice piece. I am not exactly sure what to comment on it. I just cannot think at this moment. So I will just say that this is a nice piece. Sometimes, (vary rarely) what glitters can be gold.
        Be diligent.
        Use and exercise wisdom.
        Live for the Lord.
        Persistence is key
        - Blessings in Christ Jesus

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