Aa Harvey

The Snowman

The Snowman



The Snowman stands there day and night;

His arms are outstretched to welcome all to the house.

He was created by a dream of him coming to life.

One day he will fade away, but he is not yet gone into the clouds.



When all becomes bright once more and the sun continuously shines,

The Snowman, unfortunately, will no longer be alive;

But he makes us smile because of what could be.

He could fly with us through the air, if we truly believe.



His carrot nose and coal for eyes,

Brings a smile to our faces as we build him a smile.

His arms are sticks, because of the stick men we have seen.

We had fun building him; there was enough snow to have built three.



We gave him a hat to keep him warm;

A scarf was placed around his neck as well.

The pieces of coal we used, to give his coat some buttons.

He looks to be in good health.



But nothing lasts and one day he will melt away.

We have only just created him, so we do not think about that time…

Maybe he will be able to stay.

He waves at us through the window as we close the curtains at night.

We wave him goodbye, before going to bed; he is now out of sight.

But he is still on our minds and as we close our eyes;

He is happy being outside.

Staring off into the distance;

What does he think of as he stands there beneath the full moon light?



(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.




    THANKS FRIEND ~ I looked outa the winda but NO SNOW ~ still 28C = 82F ~ NOT a cloud in the Essex (UK) SKY ! 'Sno GO for SNOW PEOPLE today ! ANGELA is still in Auckland NZ (its 4am !) its the middle of Winter but yesterday it was 14C = 57F ! There is SNOW in S Island and all year round Glaziers ! Currently the temperature in DUNEDIN (NZ) is 2C = 36F and snow forcast ! Where are you with your Snowman ? When we were Kids we wanted to keep a SNOWMAN in the Freezer but Mum said it was unhygenic ! Mums have no empathy for S Men ! I was raised in the North of England (Lancashire) and we did get SNOW ! Snowmen taught us the transience of Life ~ six weeks was the longest one ever lasted ! Dogs & Cats last longer but white mice again are transient ! Your elegant Poem reminded me of so many things and (psychologically) it made me feel cooler !

    Thanks ~ Yours BRIAN (Essex UK)
    I share this site with my Fiancee Angela
    She is on a Work Placement in New Zealand
    Please check our SITE ~ Thanks B & A !

    • Aa Harvey

      Thank you for reading my poetry. This poem was from a memory I had of building Snowmen when I was younger in the 80's. It was written in 2017, so maybe there was snow at the time of writing.

      Peace, love and empathy.

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