I was told what to see,

I was told what to be,

Without giving an opinion,

Even if I had dominion,


Trapped beneath this label,

Under a daunting fable,

To never have a choice,

Even if I had a voice,


Drowning in the abyss,

To only reminisce,

Of a lovely deception,

Even if I had perception,


Taken by the pressure,

Without any composure,

To have no where to start,

Even if I had a heart,


Crippled by hatred,

To only feel jaded,

Through the shallow hole,

Even if I had a soul,


Torn by a beautiful lie,

As I turn a blind eye,

To hear myself scream,

Even if I had a dream,


Dreaded by the madness,

To be left in darkness,

With no feeling to cope,

Even if I had hope,


Operated like a machine,

That has no vaccine,

For this uncertainty,

Even if I had sincerity.



    WELCOME TO MPS AUDAX ~ You will find it a very empathetic site ! It works by reading & commenting on other members Poems and them on Yours ~ OK ~ I share this site with ANGELA who is my FIANCEE. Thanks for your first POEM which is very elegant and replete with RHYME (couplets) & RHYTHM (meter). It touches on a very important Subject ! Ones FREE WILL subjegated & dominated by SOCIETY & Political Forces from the Cradle to the Grave in order to CONFORM and please the Powers that BE !
    REPETITION is important in Poetry and We love the Repetion in the consistent form of the Poem and the very POWERFUL First & Last WORDS (lines) in each STANZA ! FIRST ~ DOMINATING WORDS ~ I was told what to see - Trapped - Drowning -Taken - Crippled - Torn - Dreaded - Operated ! Positive TRAITS tnat were denied ! Dominion - Voice - Perception - Heart - Soul - Dream - Hope & Sincerity ! This is a real Poem ~ more please. Angela & I were both raised by Devout Christian Parents ~ BUT we were always encouraged to make our own choices ! We are still practising Christians (Im 35 & Angela is 31) but we have a spectrum of Multi Ethnic & Multi Faith Friends. Angelas DAD is SPANISH and I am English with Welsh Grandparents !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours ANGELA & BRIAN !

    • Audax

      Thank you so much. I honestly went through something these past 12 months that left me in shambles - at an emotional and psychological level - and after taking some time to think, I finally able to put things into perspective which led to me writing this poem. Trust me, I will have more to share in the near future.

    • Goldfinch60

      Very emotive write, may your life now be your own and you can find your own way with impunity.
      Welcome to MPS.

      • Audax

        Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

      • sylviasearcher

        Each time we reach out we are reduced to another’s perception that is the bitter sweet pill of desperately seeking connection but never ever achieving it.

        For me writing is like therapy. I hope it has helped you too.

        • Audax

          So far writing has helped me like therapy, and I thank you for those wise words cause they really hit the nail right on the head.

          • sylviasearcher

            I wasn’t sure how well i expressed what I was trying to say so thanks.

          • brooklyn6timesplus

            Nicely written poem here audax. Lots of strong emotion being displayed here.

            • Audax

              Thank you so much for your words!

            • rew4er2nail

              suffusion of profuse elation - nsync cop pay shin with assertive, emotive, live (from your hometown), the powerful quest to master of your own domain.
              as a courtesy, I delight thee with another enigmatic jumble of words.

              Ah...herewith ma usual
              dose of pablum from this meal
              lee mouthed muttering
              doggerel wordsmith,
              who now writes...

              so here's the deal,
              which reiterates a former zeal
              namely, the pleasant feel
              ling within this humble congenial

              chap - thanking quasi fans heel
              ling muss card (scarred) psyche
              poetically donning kneel
              ling compose sure (Colin

              Kaepernick phonetic style, him
              an implacably steel)
              lee strong willed
              up standing heal

              dug into gridiron
              though graciously
              poised ex NFL seal
              sincere kickstarter, -

              who nar squelched Nike ethereal
              whooshing sensation (trumping
              formalities - "FAKE" disclaimer:
              "an anti-white rant") unreal

              unsolicited accolades,
              he garners plaudits,
              perhaps stern prow esse
              harbored within angular

              chiseled features duet to harmonic
              converging multiracial allele
              more so than this
              reasonable rhyming scrivener,

              who expresses gratitude, sans
              mine quirky poetics do appeal
              (Ozzy kin see), viz
              crazy train of thoughts

              loudly clattering within
              thine fracked corporeal weal.
              Every last drop of fair
              blood, sweat, and tear

              via this hair
              brain scheme - exhaust ting air
              supply, none the
              less doth cheer

              fully, and willingly
              oblige mine moody
              blue route expressway gear

              ring cog knish shun en dear
              ring non vain err
              row'n nee us heartfelt
              ego boosting flair

              courtesy (additionally
              as per this mare
              reed snoop doggy dawg) veer,
              really tantamount in

              tandem, sans 'ere
              glad a$$ knight,
              and the pups
              (chess non queer,

              yule less lee) though rare
              lee emerges, while
              holed up in Grendel's lair,
              viz bone a fide attempt,

              aye didst aim, square
              lee, via mastiff
              pointer sisters wear
              illy to stitch metered

              faux paw prayer
              reign hounds sing golden ear
              ring three dogged
              (arf fathers art in heaven...)

              mutter ring loud and clear
              pronoun sub
              bulldog gone
              heartworm ming aire

              wharf (fore art thou
              bow wow wing) sere
              bus ling three
              dog night, and tare

              re: not e'en if yer
              adrip as a bitchin heat
              let us whip petsmart
              and bark where

              umlaut no longer able
              e'en with mad dame butterfly,
              (a poor cage'n
              pooch sheen nee dear)

              on par as
              excalibur with difficulty
              loosed fur over, thus conclude
              this tall tail excelsior.

            • Jon Nakapalau

              Powerful - could feel the force behind this poem.

              • Audax

                Thank you so much! Please check out the rest of my poems!

              • Philip Daniel Cook

                Really enjoy the rhyming in this, and makes me think on this site I should do more rhyming. Really enjoy the 'voice' 'choice' line, but if the machine was allowed to feel the same things. Is that too free?

                • Audax

                  To be honest, it comes down to the reader’s perspective which helps to bring a lot of literary engagement.

                • Unsub


                  think you've found a theme that many of us have been trapped in. Finding one's own self is harder than you'd think. But once broken of those chains & finding your own uniqueness is the most refreshing feeling ever.

                  Enjoyed the theme & simple but effective rhythm of rhyme.


                  • Audax

                    Thank you so much! Appreciate it! Please be on the lookout for new poems I will publish!

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