Andrew Charles Forrest




We filled fields with love and life

and emptied souls of meaning

Gave hope to generations

Gave reason for their dreaming

All the worlds humanity

together in one place

A festival of life and love

and music’s magic grace

Natures green land holds us close

And watches from her steep hill

We’re here because this place she chose

To dance amongst her people


  • Neville

    Its been a while since I went.. but then I can almost hear the music from where I live... well very nearly almost... the festival has changed muchly over the years but I certainly like this little dedication my friend........ Neville


    Thanks ANDREW ~ Great dedication to the Brightest & Best Music Festival in the WORLD. Im not there this YEAR because it would not be fair to ANGELA ! Sorry to miss KYLIE though ~ especially in real OZ Weather ~ AMEN ~ Please chec our Poem today !


  • Suresh

    Never been there, but your words are beckoning

  • dls2012

    Great rhythm and rhyme, brought back memories of wonderful experiences there. I love Glastonbury it is a beautiful and magical place!

  • Goldfinch60

    We have never been there but one year we had stopped at a service station and a mud covered car pulled in and out came mud covered people laughing and smiling, they had had a great time.
    See some of it last night on the one show it seems an amazing place to be for the fun, camaraderie and music.

  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

    A great nature poem with fine poetic imagery and wording. Kudos.

    Would you pls pleez give your thoughts/ comments on my newest poem too?

  • Neville

    Thought you might be interested .. I had an audience with Mr. Michael Evis on Thursday night.. and what a great bloke he is.. 84 next week and still looks about 55.....

    • Andrew Charles Forrest

      It\'s the open air an love of the life he leads
      I loved his final GB in charge about 4 years ago he asked some friends to play
      Ray Davies, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Bruce Springsteen...
      To call those guys your friends
      You've had a great life not a good one
      Thanks Neville

      • Neville

        amazing .. truly amazing...

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