Big Pharm

This new time in my life is so sweet and

The sadness I felt is now defeated

The daily meds I used to take

Made me feel like I was a fake


Now my skin is clear and aglow

And my mind doesn't run so darn slow

I don't know why doctors love to push pills

for every ailment known--remember the refills!


For a thousand dollars a bottle they can cure

your depression or anxiety or it can blur

the fine line between sane and insanity

then write more scripts for what ails me.


Enough is enough. I've had it with Big Pharm.

I've been through it all. Time to sound the alarm.

My pharmacist knows my birthdate by heart.

I'm looking to see him less for a start.


I feel better with each passing day.

Not sure why it took so long to get this way.

Now I'm not taking meds to be numb.

Living my best life and not feeling dumb.






  • Laura

    Hi, Christine!
    Glad to “see” you and read your work again! Your poem’s message convey’s the truth about the much abused meds prescribed to the many by their physicians!

    Happy you’re feeling much better!


    • Christina8

      Thank you Laura! I appreciate your feedback!


      Thanks for this CHRISTINA : BRIAN sugessted I should reply because I work in the MEDICAL FIELD. People requiring PHYSIO do experience PAIN and our MANTRA regarding exercise is NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN ! I do ACUPUNCTURE (I am qualified) which opens all the bodies channels for the natural healing to flow. We think a modicum of PAIN keeps the recovering PATIENT alert to what is happening and stimulates them to exercise ! No wonder they call us PHYSIOTERRORISTS. I offer FREE ACUPUNCTURE and those that accept find it reduces muscular pain considerably ! The only PAIN killer I advise is PARACETAMOL which they can buy over the counter in the the UK. We believe in the minimal use of DRUGS & SUPPLEMENTS bearing in mind that both ELVIS & MICHAEL JACKSON died of Polypharmacy ! It seems lots of US Doctor overprescribe to RICH PATIENTS !
      I love the POSITIVITY and WHOLENESS in this lovely POEM : A real answer to all our PRAYERS : Hope you got a chance to read my response to your lovely MESSAGE. Its nearly 9am now so will catch you later : after CHURCH : Have you been going ?

      Praying for you all 24/7 : good to get an update !
      Blessings and Love : Abrazos y Besos
      Tu Hermana en CHRISTO : ANGELA (NZ) XXXXXXX

      • Christina8

        Well, I totally agree!! Polypharmacy is huge here if you have the right insurance or a lot of money. And it's sad. Don't forget about about the tragedy of PRINCE! I love acupuncture, which I used to have to pay for out of pocket for migraines. Thank goodness those are gone! I wish insurance covered the type of therapy you offer in the UK! Thanks for your lovely response Angela!!

      • Goldfinch60

        Wonderful to see you back with us Christina.
        May those meds now be consigned to stay in the pharmacy and your life be full of joy and love.

        • Christina8

          Thanks so much Andy! Long time no see! I appreciate your comment ever so much!!!----Christina

        • orchidee

          Hope so Christina! Some might try, advertising, etc, to get us to take more pills and potions.

          • Christina8

            Hi Orchi!! Thanks for the comment. Appreciated...Christina

          • Poetic Dan

            Wow, it was so good to see your name this morning. Then to come here and read this the power in your words are magnificent, we have so much more power than any drug can realise. But I still you my weed when this reality I just can't driff ;)

            Thank you for this openness
            Much peace and respect

            • Christina8

              Thank you so much Dan, truly!! I feel the love in this community and I'm inspired to write and share more. Especially now that I'm feeling so much better. Thanks again Dan! Peace and respect! Christina

            • Fay Slimm.

              Welcome back dear Christina - you have been missed and so good to read that you are now feeling better - - loud applause for your message about drug abuse so often employed by too many physicians.

              • Christina8

                Thank you so much Fay! I have missed this site! But I truly believe that americans are taken advantage of in so many ways. Thank you for your lovely message! Christina

              • w c

                Thank you for sharing your experience with polypharmacy. Discerning when it is appropriate to go against orders of our revered doctors (in whom we place so much trust) can be difficult. I am glad to hear you have found a way to feel better.

                • Christina8

                  Thank you wc!! I actually worked with my doctors to find a way to wean off this mess. And it really helped. Not too much communication between doctors either--thats a problem. Thanks for your message!! Christina

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