Thomas J. Dooley


Is this what my ancestors felt

When leaving their homes for a better world

No longer I am on the path they took


Diaspora guilt

Now history is a bitter pill

Dreams scheduled to be killed


No compensation for the hate

Ignorance is the only food they ate

With another serving on their plate


Diaspora guilt

Now the truth is a bitter pill

No standing up for it get out your cameras and film


The privilege can't feel any pain

They have no sense of shame

It is always the victim they blame


Diaspora guilt

Now education is a bitter pill

The blooming youth will die and wilt


Reading, writing, and arithmetic no longer the way

Now it is only words of hate anyone can say

Thoughts and prayers will not make a new day



©Copyright Thomas Dooley 2019




  • Goldfinch60

    The victims are always those that get the blame those who sent them into their tragedies just get away with it.

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