Aa Harvey





People pass on by my mind’s eye,

And then they are gone forever.

I remember friends and lovers, so high!

They took my wings with every smile.

I never want to leave this land,

So now I exist in the never.



Perfectly imperfect describes me.

Although more accurately would be, incomplete.

Situations arise and I am at one with the sky

And Mother Nature guides my every footstep forward.

I travel blind.

I feel as if life is being lived in reverse.

I have no need for curse words.

There is no need to shout, I can hear.

I can even feel, but I cannot cheer.



Déjà vu times two or three.

It’s all the same to me.

Witches brew, potion of healing,

There is no remedy,

For my broken heart.

Leave me to my dreaming.



(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • nicolibellamont

    I find myself floating away most times. Sometimes I wish I could dream my life away. Good write. Thank you for sharing

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