Sheep Supplications

Tune: Buckland

('Loving Shepherd of they sheep')


You good Shepherd, we your sheep

Ever in your fold us keep

Where we prone to wander, do

Gently lead us back to you


Or if apart from you we

Distracted, ro tempted be

Do sustain us by your grace

May we still your mercies trace


Sheep, if fearful, take courage

Let no trouble discourage

Here abide in God's good field

You are by His Spirit sealed


If not play, no Spring-like morn

Wait  while, then joys shall dawn

Once again by His favour

Love's impulses to Him stir


Leave us not, and your promise

To give your life, even this

You have done, Shepherd for sheep

Of your care for us most deep


So renewed, refreshed, fresh light

Risen Shepherd, to our sight

Grant us, help us your voice hear

Know your gracious presence near





    Thanks UNCLE STEVE for sharing another Golden Oldie to keep us *Bad Boys* fixed on the GOOD Shepherd. I have a selection if BIBLES in European Languages (I even have one in Scouse !) because I know a lot of Scriptures in English reading a BIBLE in (say) Spanish helps me to learn the Language ! One of the first verses I learned in Spanish (over 20 years ago) was

    Yo soy El Buen Pastor
    I am the Good Shepherd
    El Buen Pastor ~ La vida da
    The Good Shepherd ~ gives His life
    Por sus Ovejas !
    For His Sheep !

    I quoted it once in a Sermon and unbeknown to me there was a *Lady of Spain* in the Congregation and she told me afterwards that that verse IN SPANISH had turned he life around. Her English was poor but God spoke to her through that one verse ~ In her Moher Toungue AMEN !

    Blessings a Tu y Tu Perro Fido
    Love in the Spirit B & A 🧡🧡🧡🧡 + 🧡

    • orchidee

      Thanks B&A. Baaaa - but not baa-humbug! lol.


      SHEEP* = DINNER* !

      • orchidee

        Is that a sheep-cat, not a sheep-dog?!

        • OUTBACK

          YOBE* THE " CAT " = NO " SHEEP " - ANYTHING* !

        • Goldfinch60

          Good one Orchi.

          • orchidee

            Thanks Gold.

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