My favourite anecdote from Urdu


(This is my favourite story from
my mother tongue urdu
which I translated and
tried my best to convert it
into a poem in english )

Luqman who was a
merchant wiseman and
his son
bought themselves a
fine donkey once.
The two then set off
walking besides it,
holding its tether.
Then they came upon a
group of gossipers
What roadside chatterboxes
they were
And how they began to
talk and mock
Gawking at the two from
the sidewalk.
They jeered saying how
silly the two were
to own a donkey and
not ride it
and walk foolishly beside
Hearing that, Luqman
quickly seated his teen
son upon the dönkey's
They set off thus,
Luqman walking besides
the donkey, his son
riding it.

Then they came upon
another group of people
squatting on the roadside
Watching the trio, the
onlookers instantly
began passing comments
so snide.
They began disparaging the son
for having no respect
and consideration
for his aged father, for
letting him walk while he
rode himself, like a spoilt
Hearing that, the son got
down the donkey and
asked his father to ride
and be seated.
Luqman then got on the
donkey and began riding
before the argument got
Thus they set off once
the son trailing on foot
behind his riding father.

But soon they came
upon another group of
who immediately
stopped minding their
own businesses
like some prying nosy witnesses
and began passing
They said how very cruel
and unkind
was the father to let his
lil' son trudge behind
while he himself rode on
a donkey fine! '
So once again to stop
their pooh poohing
Luqman then asked his son
to get on the donkey
with him as well.
So now they both were
seated on the donkey's
and they continued their
journey on track.

But they had hardly
gone a mile or two
when they came upon
another set of idle
ramblers who would
Immediately they started
eyeing the trio quite
exclaiming that the two
were behaving quite
That with the poor
animal riding with both
of their weights upon it
was too a heavy a load
for it!
Luqman's son's eyes
then popped out to hear
and he looked at his
father, mouth agape.
His father shot him a
wry look and sighed a grin
'Everyone's pleasure son
you can't win'.

You just cannot please
each and everybody
So you better heed
but God for He is only
and He changes not for
moon or sun
The one single God is far easier
to please
Fellow humans are too
many to appease!



  • Michael Edwards

    A tale so well told.

  • orchidee

    A fine write zaynab. Another donkey tale in summary: A donkey fell into a deep pit. They had no means to get it out. So they shovelled in dirt in the end to bury the donkey, as it was dying in the pit. As they did so, the level of dirt rose after some time, and the donkey eventually was able to climb out of the pit and was saved.

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

      Hi, thanks so much for comment and super story. Woah so the dirt actually helped it to clamber up eh. Poor donkey they tried to bury it alive!

      • orchidee

        Well yes, but the donkey was getting worse each day. They could not get any food or drink to it. They thought it best, I suppose, to bury it alive, in that situation. I may not have got the story exactly right though.
        Here's another:
        'Two men in a dungeon looking through prison bars
        The one looked down and he saw the mud (the prison floor); the other looked up and he saw the stars'.

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      • Poetic Dan

        Wow... Thank you so much for bringing me here it reminds me of the Chinese story of the son that kept getting hurt!

        This was amazing, great synchronisation today. The universe works in beautiful ways

      • Jabberwocky

        Everybody has to have somebody to look down on.
        There’s no act so pure it can’t be criticised piously by those who look for fault.
        Good story.

        • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

          Yes very true, I like the conclusion you draw from the story and how u add to it. Thanks so much for comment. I read so many , I'm wondering did I read yours ?

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks for sharing ZAYNAB a very intersting PARABLE which reminds us that none of us can please *All of the PEOPLE All of the Time* BUT we must at all times seek to please GOD because He pleases us 24/7 with the Blessings of his wonderful Creation ~ incuding DONKEYS !

          Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
          Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡
          We are engaged & share this site ~ OK

          • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

            Warmest thanks Angela, yes dear I knew, oh I thought you guys were already married though. Your thoughts delight me what u say of God pleasing us all the time and I like how you phrased your comment. Take care and best wishes both of yah.

          • sylviasearcher

            Outsiders will always be judged by the crowds

          • Gary Edward Geraci

            A resounding Amen, SZK - a cultural gem worth repeating to every culture. Although we all enjoy consensus, we must often plod on as rebels and cultural mercenaries. Grounded in prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit it’s a joyful endeavor!

          • Jon Nakapalau

            Wonderful - thank you for sharing.

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