In a field of wildflowers

I feel touched by God

As if heaven descended

upon this forgotten earth


The sky is a perfect blue

Well, you know the kind

This place untarnished 

Awarded to no person


Time crawls by here

as I take in the aroma

And the bounty of color

I leave them, wild and free


  • Goldfinch60

    This works very well Christina, you took me to that beautiful place.

    • Christina8

      Thanks so much, I appreciate your kind reply--Christina

    • orchidee

      A fine Write Christina.
      Aww, I tried free verse - why did they reply it's a load of hot air from me! heehee.
      Yes, I know some places too - bit like jungles this time of year with the greenery. I battled through thorns and thistles, and near-overgrown paths - but tended by people to make them passable for all of us.

      • Christina8

        Thanks Orchidee! Aww...I bet your free verse is stunning!--Christina

      • dusk arising

        Lovely picture you create in my minds eye.

        Personally i find rhyme rather limiting because it reduces my available vocabulary. Often on MPS i see pieces in which the rhyming has made a mockery of a deep subject. Far better for me to just write what i feel though i will often use rhyme, but not exclusively in a regular pattern. I guess i make up 'rules' as i go. But each to their own, i'm not criticising, rather i'm sharing my personal view with you.

        • Christina8

          Thanks Dusk, I appreciate your opinion! Thanks for the lovely comment too---Christina

        • Neville

          this is very good... it is uncomplicated and has a kind of feel good factor about it that will make every reader smile............. Neville

          • Christina8

            That's always a good thing to hear! I appreciate the positive reply---Christina

            • Neville


            • Fay Slimm.

              With you in that heavenly field of colour and love the walk through floral aroma - great read and example of free-styl writing Christina .....

              • Christina8

                Thank you Fay! I appreciate it very much--Christina

              • Suresh

                You have painted a landscape so serene, so desirable

                • Christina8

                  Well, thank you! I appreciate the kind feedback!--Christina

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