Procrastinate me


Busy up my busy
Until restless loses dizzy
Distract me with pointlessness
Until I prance and dance around the mess
With me?

Come, come, right over here;
There's still a lot of time...
Ya got a lot of things to do?
No worries, it will all be fine.

Procrastinate has a strange meaning
In some ways it really is confusing
It can look like I'm not doing much
But my imagination is going nuts
Everything happens in time,just let in the rhymes

How I love to procrastinate
But always on my own
Tho some might call it something else
I do in the privacy of home

Tomorrow came and went,
Like every day before.
I will get around to writing a verse,
But this whole thing is such a chore.

Procastination, how I hate you,
The bane of heart and soul.
For in your arms I fade away,
Gone forevermore.

More my busy fingers sigh
And more my messy head deny!
As I procrastinate my aching bones
Until the grave of empty head awakes to moans
The circle finds its own dead end
And free won’t becomes free will


  • sylviasearcher

    It is my birthday so I thought I could get away with doing the last verse!

    Thanks to all contributions! 😊

    • sylviasearcher

      Auld yin?

      Thanks for the birthday wishes...

      Was I fishing?


      • sylviasearcher

        Well you are too kind not to?

        I still don’t know what auld yin means though?

        Is it Scottish?

      • Poetic Dan

        Brilliant last entry, thanks for being us here. Now we can give you a birthday cheer!

        Hip hop horary, free to procrastinate today!

      • b-LAH-que

        I havent logged in in a while, looks like I missed out... Oh well, nice work everyone, and thanks for the invite!

      • BoxMyHeart

        Excellent! 🙂

      • Thoughts In Time

        I love the way you say you going nuts...I don’t think many need to procrastinate to be nuts we just are ...but nothing worse than needing to do things and u don’t get it done when things are too out of control around me and out of place it disturbs my balance I try keep on track ..sometimes just lazy...take ur time you’ll get there...and a belated happy happy birthday to you🌹


        I constantly procrastinate but love you all the same
        my putting off is legendary I'm definitely to blame
        Never mind the lazyness and please forget my shame so happy belated birthday dear I hope you never change x

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