Poetic Dan

Love rays everyday

She said will you marry me yesterday, I've found two items we can bind it with.


Her hand approached my wrist with tenderness, told me she loved me differently with every knot


Then came my turn, so many words ready to go.


I done a loop and said thank you for sliding into my life, this first knot represents you being my wife.


The second knot is for all weather we'll endure, as you are my first and only forfinya


I continued, until we both had tears, sharing our love, the only witness being the dog.


Any objections forever held in their bark, showing us peace within our hearts.


I would redo and repeat new vows every day, to keep living life in the love of her rays.


Together or apart there is knot in my throat, knowing of every word we've ever spoke.


Keeping my walk tall, kindness on my tongue.


Only I can undo the spells of tangled past words but this one was put there for a purpose.


A chill pill, each time I swallow. Knowing love needs no tomorrow, a tear in the moments brings back the smiles


I don't want to wait a year, to celebrate all that's on my plate. Every breath that I take reminds me I'm lucky for it, to be given the gifts I worked on myself to achieve.


I'm an open source of my thoughts, lost unconditional love in a broken world. Found out I'd just dropped the key, once I opened up more life was just waiting for me.


More friends, more family, more honesty.


  • dusk arising

    Lovely to read of your happiness together. Keep this because trying times are ahead. Your expected child will bring you turmoil... they just do... sleepless nights and stressed out partners.... remind yourselves often of this piece you have written. Take time away from little one to be together spiritually and celebrate this love.... such things will strengthen your wonderful bond and reassure your lady that she is still your everything rather than the chore busy stressed out mother she feels like sometimes. Mothering is hard work Dan.

    • Poetic Dan

      I hear your words my friend but this time I am well aware of all that to come and there will definitely be no turmoil like the first two times.

      This time I am married with out a ring, no church, nothing in sinn. This relationship was built on firm ground, we speak of past avents and know no matter what happens will all grow well from this. Together or apart this love seeing leave my heart.

      You have just reminded me to look back on one out your writings.

      Thank you for always giving your straight reflection.

    • Christina8

      Oh your write today gave me the chills! Celebrate your love!! I could tell you my story but I don't want to take away from yours. Anyway, it lasted. Sometimes you just go for it!!! So happy for you! Much respect

      • Poetic Dan

        It could only add nothing like this can ever be taken, thank you and your as so right this was a just go for it moment and they just keep going.

        • Christina8

          Congrats! Well then....p.s.--my husband and I have been together for 17 years and it was against all advice. We were wayyyyyy too young, etc. Well, the heart wants what the heart wants!

        • Suresh

          You have arrived....

          • Poetic Dan

            It is a comfortable fit...

          • Fay Slimm.

            A wonderful read Dan - you have made it................ congrats with hugs - - -- Fay

            • Poetic Dan

              Thank you so much! Your vibes are always appreciated

            • Neville

              this is an absolute delight.. nuff said,

              except I dont mind admitting I just shed a rainbow coloured sprinkle too x

              • Poetic Dan

                Full circle then my friend. Its been a wonderful weekend!

                • Neville

                  good to hear..

                • PoeticBiscuit

                  This has to be my favorite read yet. Its just such a delicate piece of work and you could feel the love even through the screen. Very well done Dan. Keep them coming!

                  • Poetic Dan

                    Funny as I read the comments and finished with your one, I heard a part of my that was unsure to share to much of my happiness.

                    Thank you for helping me see this is still there in me, I shall write on!

                    Much peace and respect

                  • Goldfinch60

                    That love shines through your words and it will go on for eternity.

                    • Poetic Dan

                      That it will as I lose my fear to let it shine.

                      Always appreciated my friend

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