kevin browne

She's Delighted.


She took me in
She made me glint
And she's delighted
About the comfort
Without the hurt.

She melts my heart
Straight to start
And she's delighted
For sunny days ahead
But, she loves instead
Painted pictures on her heart
And from apparitions disguise
A faint teardrop remembered why
And so to learn to love to be wise.

She holds us together
She'll make me cry
And she's delighted
I stopped to try
To see her advantage
And to see her forever
Making strawberry sandwiches.

And those golden memories
Far away underneath her brow
And she's delighted
To go and sit on the Moon
Where whispers faintly bow
And where her heart goes boom
Falling down on a whitewash tile
Filled with fairy-tale stories of old
To lay down in Paris with a smile.

With her glass of wine 
She undoes her dress
And was in her prime
And I was impressed
She pulled back a grin
For a good old G & T
Both our hearts kept within
Mines for her and hers for me
And guess what? she's delighted.


  • Goldfinch60

    I am delighted as well with the words you have written Kevin.

    • kevin browne

      Thanks, Goldie. Have a good day, my friend..!!!

    • orchidee

      A fine write Kevin.

      • kevin browne

        Thank you for calling in, orchi..!!

      • dusk arising

        Dreamy delight rides through your words today Kevin. Strawberry sandwiches in a G'nT world where all is bliss ..... spoiled perhaps by the alarm clock?

        Another of your enthralling pieces.

      • Neville

        what a picture you paint here.... sublime imagery ...

        packing sandwiches full of strawberries is seriously my cuppa tea... too early yet for the G n T but make mine a double later on........


        • kevin browne

          Can I come and eat some Strawberry sandwiches and a few G & T. We'd have a right old dreamers ball...

          • Neville


          • Laura🌻


            “She’s Delighted” and so am I to have read this delightful poem!


            • kevin browne

              And you're delightful, too...Thank you for your comment....

              • Laura🌻

                My pleasure...always! 😊

              • FineB

                Hello Kevin!

                An excellent write.

                It certainly is delightful and wonderful to read.

                Keep writing FineB

                • kevin browne

                  You're very delightful yourself, FineB and thank you for your generous comment.....

                • kevin browne

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