Aa Harvey

Little baby nothing

Little baby nothing



Momma nothing, your baby has got the blues.

These tears I weep are the only way I can speak with you.

Little empty of feelings, little crazy days in Hell,

For little baby, waiting for an angel, to help me clean myself.



Couldn’t find the words to speak,

‘Take this dummy out of my mouth.’

Pacify your little baby nothing;

Oh my Goddess, why can’t you help me out?



Silence breaks the screaming; nothing left to shout about,

Or let out.

Full of gas.  A giggle laugh.

All these things which I am scheming;

Got to find a way to indulge the doubt and the dreaming.



I couldn’t face another half-truth.

I cannot tell the lies from how I should feel.

I couldn’t cover my feelings, bruised.

I’m falling into myself with no way to heal.



Another soiled nappy removes the smile from my face.

Another bib full of happy pictures.

I can only eat if I become a runway.

Flashing camera blinds my eyes, I’m lost, I need her!

The Manics blow my little ear drums.

My mood changes with every tear;

Isn’t life such fun!



I cry for I have no human language,

That I can use to explain to giants.

This is no fun, satisfaction impatience;

I have been waiting for a year!

Why does mommy not come to me?

I wish I didn’t disappear.



Little baby, nothing left to say,

Beneath the blues mid-winter.

Tired of singing lullabies,

This hobbit needs another dinner.



You love us,

But you love us,

But you love us,

But you love us.

Do you love us?



Little baby nothing doesn’t lend a hand.

Little baby nothing just can’t understand,

Post-natal, post-partum,

Post-modernism epiphanies.



(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Fresh perspective!
    enjoyed through & through
    *C ✌

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