Entirely devoted

If I love, I love with all of me
My entirety, entirely.

Vibes like a surround sound disco
Coating the back of your neck with a kiss
Burning with fire inside and shaking like a leaf
Douse me in rainbows and coins of gold

Travelling to the highest building
Throwing myself off it so I can relive the feeling
Of falling so fast sudden pain so near in sight
Feeling sick to my stomach but I want so much more from it

Tempting oh, so tempting
Shadows flicker in the night
Naked silhouettes dancing up on the ceiling
Tumbling around as if for a moment life has no meaning...

But this.

If I love, I love with all of me
My entirety, entirely


  • Goldfinch60

    May that committed love be reciprocated. Good loving write.

  • dusk arising

    In genuine romantic love is there any other way. Or the love of a parent unconditionally felt for their child, is there any other way.

    Depth of love poetically expressed and a pleasure to read.

  • PoeticBiscuit

    Now where have you been hiding? Cause apparently I’ve been missing out on some amazing talent.

    • BoxMyHeart

      That's very kind of you to say. Thank you.

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